Traderscoach – Options Reality Online Home Study Course

Traderscoach – Options Reality Online Home Study Course

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Options Reality – Online Home Study Course

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This comprehensive “Options Reality” Online Home-Study Course will show you how to use options for both pure profit and for hedging positions! These reality based option methods used by expert Bennett McDowell of® can be learned and applied on all markets!

You will learn a unique approach to options where market realities determine option strategies!

Whether you are new to options or an experienced option trader, this options course will give you new insights and edge up on the old traditional way of thinking about options!

We believe in keeping it simple yet effective and like all our course materials you will learn effective, modern, and practical techniques you can start to use right away!

Online go at your own pace home-study course contents includes:

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1.Over 4 Hours of Comprehensive Video Instruction by world renowned expert Bennett McDowell 2.Printable Course Materials 3.Self Administered Tests & Quizzes 4.Actual Chart Examples 5.e-mail support with Bennett McDowell

Here’s What You Will Learn!

1.Why & When to use options 2.Option Basics – Calls, Puts, Intrinsic Value, and Time Decay 3.Advanced Option Strategies – Butterfly, Collar, Spreads 4.Learn which option’s strategy for each market condition 5.Risk Control with options 6.How to use options to hedge current portfolio positions 7.Determining when to use “in-the money” or “out-of- the money” options 8.All about the “Greeks” (option deltas, gammas) & how to best use them in option’s trading 9.And much, much more!



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