Traffic and Conversion Blueprint 1 & 2

Traffic and Conversion Blueprint 1 & 2

Just One Short Weekend You’ll Discover How You Can Now MASTER Online Traffic and Conversion – Using Our Hottest New Strategies, Tatics and Tricks – So Powerful and Cutting Edge We Will ONLY Share Them Face-to-Face

Finally,You’ll Get Unprecedented FACE-TO-FACE Access to Me, Ryan Deiss and My Trusted Team for 3 Full Days – Plus You’ll Get a “License to Legally* Steal” Our Little-Known and Most Jealously Guarded Traffic and Conversion Secrets in – This Private “Closed-Door” 100% Content” Brain Dump

100% Plug and Play Money Pumping,
Models, Tactics and Tricks

The vast majority of what you’ll learn during the 3-day event are what I call “Plug and Plays”. Quick fixes and tweaks that take minutes each to implement in your business, but when used in concert have a compound effect.

You can easily double your business or multiply it 3X, 5X, 10X even 20X by the end of the weekend. And if you haven’t started yet that’s even better!


Because I can’t even begin to tell you how much money I’ve LOST by not using my S.M.A.R.T. Tactics. MILLIONS! You have an advantage. You’ll start right the 1st time and insure that even your earliest projects will be positioned for success.

PLUS, you won’t have any bad habits to break or crap to un-learn.
What Will One Weekend in Austin Do For You?
Answer: A Lot!


Session One: Boomerang Traffic

“Re-Targeting is changing EVERYTHING about online advertising
once you understand it you could easily TRIPLE your sales – You’ll
learn exactly how it works and our best strategies like…”

“Buyer Tipping” How to bring back buyers to your site that almost
ordered and just needed a tiny push.

“Big Deal Status” How to appear the “obvious expert” in your niche
and rub out your competitors at the same time with FREE re-targeting.

“No Opt-In Lists” How to create a brand new list without EVER
a single new opt-in.

“The Webinar Wheel” Re-targeting in this manner can generate
big ticket sales of $1000 each or more 100% on autopilot.

“The Big 5” The 5 Biggest bribes to bring back your buyers and how
to impliment all 5 in about 30 minutes.

Session Two: Dirt Cheap Traffic

“MAJOR Changes in Google and the merger of Yahoo and Bing have
opened up new opportunities for dirt cheap paid traffic as low as
2-3 cents a click – here’s how we are taking advantage of it…”

“Make Google Your Affiliate” ONLY pay for ads when you make a
sale using these little known “commission only ads”

“Green ROI Keywords” How to divine overlooked “MONEY” keywords
that make 5 to 1 ROI sales common place.

“Red Pinning” Find EXACTLY where your customers live and how to target
them on a LOCAL level for 10% of the cost of National Ads.

“Tweet 2 Bing” How to leverage the new Twitter/Bing partnership
using your own Twitter account even if you have 3 followers.

“Magnetic Ads” How to create ads that ONLY draw customers to
to click and keep the tire kickers from costing you a bundle.

Session Three: Fusion Marketing 2.0

“Mail2Web is maybe the most overlooked area of traffic generation
today. One of my associates built just built a list of 50,000+ buyers
in a VERY competitive market using just postcards – I’ll share…”


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