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Travis Sago – Blue Collar Continuity Funnel

Travis Sago – Blue Collar Continuity Funnel

More Information: http://mojopreneurs.com/bccf

Price: $100
Travis Sago – Blue Collar Continuity Funnel

You’ll reap these benefits:

–    You’ll be handed the power to create RECURRING SALES like clockwork by spending no more than 15 minutes a day once you’ve got your funnel set up. You will have to be able to write at LEAST at a 6th grade level.
–    Routinely convert up to 15% of EVERYBODY who comes into your funnel into ONE RECURRING PROGRAM. You can add more recurring programs and sell one payment offers as well.
–    Do you have trouble getting enough traffic? You won’t after you put an effective Blue Collar Funnel in place because I’ll show you how you’ll be able to generate as high as $13 earnings per click over time. Need the English translation? People don’t have a traffic problem…they have a SALES problem. If every person who came into your store bought $13 worth of your stuff you could spend $6 to get them in your store and STILL DOUBLE YOUR MONEY. Today, you can buy all the traffic you want for WAY UNDER $6 bucks a visitor. Do you fully understand the power of what I’m telling ya?
–    Don’t have your own recurring product? I can show you how to have one of your very own in 60 minutes FLAT. Example: A colleague and I put together a recurring program we mapped out over lunch that has made over $200,000 to date…and the income is still coming.
–    Don’t want the hassle of creating a recurring product? I understand. Even though I can show you how to have your own in 60 minutes, you can also just find a recurring offer with an affiliate program. In fact, this is EXACTLY what I did here: (I did pretty good.)


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