Trey Smith - Info Marketing Monthly Special Report - Sept 2010

Trey Smith – Info Marketing Monthly Special Report – Sept 2010

I just wanted to give ol’ Frank and Trey props on their info marketing monthly membership site (aka screw google). Overall, I would totally recommend anyone and everyone to sign up for at least 30 days – it’s seriously only $1 if you only want access for 30 days.

While the content is nothing earth shattering, it is definitely helpful whether you’re seasoned or a beginner. I’ve been doing this stuff for years and still picked up tips here and there. Once again, for literally $1.

There’s tons of video, Q & A, you get access to infomillionaire stuff, you can even download all of it and then cancel. Plus the Frank and Trey show is kinda entertaining.

And canceling is super easy. In fact, I just canceled my membership today and it seriously took no longer than 2 minutes from the moment I dialed the support number until I was hanging up the phone. Also, the girl who answered the phone works directly for Frank and Trey (I asked her), which I think is pretty cool.

So go check it out. And no I’m not affiliated with them (although I wish I was haha).

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