Tutsplus – Advanced Portfolio Techniques

Tutsplus – Advanced Portfolio Techniques

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Author: Wes McDowell
Size: 1.58 GB
Website: https://tutsplus.com/course/advanced-portfolio-techniques/

It’s easy to second guess yourself when you’re building your portfolio website, but if you’ve already built one or two and want to make your next one better, then this course is for you.

Introduction    2m 44s
Course Overview    2m 44s

Site Structure    5m 56s
Why Single Page Sites Are a Bad Idea    3m 8s
Pages We Are Going to Cover    2m 48s

The Homepage    31m 58s
What Your Homepage Should Accomplish    5m 18s
The Image Slider    4m 36s
Designing the Image Slider Promo    16m 44s
Social Sharing    5m 20s

Case Studies    22m 24s
What is a Case Study?    3m 6s
How to Craft a Compelling Case Study    5m 48s
Writing a Case Study, Start to Finish    6m 46s
Presentation Counts    3m 2s
Positioning Your Case Studies For Maximum Impact    3m 42s

Client Testimonials    22m 40s
Why Testimonials are Important    2m 24s
Strategies for Getting Amazing Testimonials    9m 42s
Turning a Client Feedback Survey into a Winning Testimonial    7m 30s
Where You Should Put Your Testimonials    3m 4s

Showcasing Your Work    13m 30s
The Portfolio Page Structure    9m 48s
Sharing Your Work    3m 42s

Your Blog    14m 18s
Why a Blog is Important to Your Site    3m 30s
Design & User Interface Tips    6m 12s
MIni-Blogrolls    4m 36s

The About Page    14m 12s
How to Write a Compelling Bio    6m 48s
Writing my Bio, Start to Finish    4m 44s
Adding a Photo    2m 40s

Kick it Up a Notch With Video    40m 42s
Homepage Welcome Videos    9m 14s
Video Case Studies    4m 54s
Video Testimonials    10m 58s
What You Will Need    3m 26s
Shooting Tips    5m 22s
Hosting Options    6m 48s

The Hard Sell    6m 50s
The All-Important Call-to-Action    3m 24s
The Bigger (Better) Contact Form    3m 26s

Conclusion    2m 50s
Final Thoughts    2m 50s


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