Twitter Salvation System

Twitter Salvation System

A couple of weeks ago in my Cross Blog Conversation with Kelly McCausey, I mentioned that I was getting sick of how the “big guru marketers” treat the people who join their lists. I was ranting about getting 30 emails in a 10 day span with 10 emails coming in one day from the same person. Yeah, my fuse was getting short, but I think putting that down in a post allowed me to have a revelation.

Yeah, it made me realize that I don’t want to promote products by “those” people, you know, the “emailing guru shark squad”. I want my site to be one that reviews and promotes “boutique” products. And what do I mean by “boutique” products? Well, basically, I’m talking about products from new, lesser known, or specialized authors. Authors who supply REALLY GOOD stuff but don’t have the backing of the “big gurus” and thus won’t bombard you with 100 “launch” emails the big guys send week after week. These are authors who fly under the radar but supply information that can really help you grow your business.

You know all the abundance stuff that you read about? The Law of Attraction, The Secret, that kind of stuff? Well, I do believe it works. Not in a magical way, but I do believe that opportunities present themselves to a mind that is filled with thoughts of what it wants. My mind has been filled with making my site a haven for boutique marketers and offering great information from authors that are not as well known.

And in comes Kenneth Yu.

I was on Twitter the other day and I don’t know how we got together but before I knew it he offered to let me review the first module of his new product “The Twitter Salvation System.” I stayed up last night going through the first four videos of the system.

Now, I have to preface this with a little introduction of Kenneth. He’s not what you’d call a traditional marketer. He’s interesting. He’s different. He’s SMART. And his system can help you learn how to use Twitter to sell whatever it is that you sell. You’ll see what I mean about Kenneth when you click over to watch a video he calls “How To Kill Dragons Using A Fly Swatter“.

Actually, his “Fly Swatter” movie is very revealing about what you’ll see in his The Twitter Salvation System. He gives you a broad view of what you need to know to be successful on Twitter.

As for the actual product? Well, he let me see Module 1 only and the full system will have four Modules, so I’ll only be able to comment on 25% of the entire package. It covers the psychology of marketing to people and why Twitter is such a great place to form relationships for your business. In video three, Kenneth gives you very specific information about how to formulate your marketing message and then in video four he gives you nitty gritty details you can use immediately:

Why the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) Doesn’t Work
The 7 Deadly Sins of Twitter
Pimping Your Profile
How to Write Tweets – The Tweet Checklist
Your Twitter Bank Account
Secret Linking Methods
And More
Kenneth reveals marketing information that I’ve never read in any marketing book before and I’ve spent my entire adult life reading business and marketing books (I don’t read fiction but I read at least one, if not two books a month). His information about why the USP no longer works and what to use instead is brilliant. The specific info he gave in only the first module was unbelievable.

I do have a few critiques however, the presentation isn’t perfect. I don’t know if Kenneth will make changes before he launches, but right now, the video controls (you know, the slider that shows you where you are in the movie) isn’t a good one. It won’t let you push it back a little to repeat something, nor will it let you skip ahead. I accidentally stopped the video and I had to start over. It was pretty irritating. Also it doesn’t tell you how long the video is nor does it show your progress. I like to know what I’m getting into, is it 10 minutes or an hour? I might not have an hour and if that’s the case, I’ll watch later, but I might have 10 minutes and want to watch it now. Without the timing info, you can’t make that kind of decision.

Also, Kenneth is a bit monotone and I would suggest you not watch the videos late at night if you’re the least bit sleepy. It’s hard to “get” everything (not having the ability to repeat makes it twice as hard). Watch at a time of day when you’re fresh and ready to learn, because learn is what you’ll do. I loved the info so much I actually took notes (the pause button works) and I even want to go back and watch a second and maybe a third time. Yeah, it’s a lot of information.

Kenneth’s going to launch his new system at 9:00 a.m. EST on Thursday, December 11th. The Twitter Salvation System will sell for $97. It will include four power-packed modules of four videos each for a total of 16 videos. It will include some bonuses but I’m not sure what they will be yet.

All in all, a fantastic product for anyone who loves Twitter and wants to learn how to use it to promote yourself or your brand, generate leads, find JV opportunities and more…for free using Twitter. I’m proud to recommend Kenneth Yu and his Twitter Salvation System as one of my first “boutique” products.


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