Ultimate SiloStorm Pro – WordPress Silo Theme

 Ultimate SiloStorm Pro – WordPress Silo Theme

Size: 124 MB
COST: $47= Your Free
Author: HeatMap Theme
Website: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers/931240-wordpress-ultimate-silostorm-pro-wordpress-silo-seo-theme-new-heatmaptheme.html

Maximise the internal linking power of your content
by easily building WordPress sites using evergreen SILO SEO techniques

As Google rolls out UPDATE after UPDATE
only sites with the best and most relevant content will survive
but what can YOU do about it?


But what exactly does Google Want? The answer is simple. The most RELEVANT content. Of course you already understand this and work your fingers to the bone creating fantastic pages and posts BUT in a web overflowing with competitors how can you make your content MORE RELEVANT?

SEO fads may come and go but building sites using Silo Web Architecture has remained EVERGREEN over the years. Ultimate SiloStorm Pro makes it easy to build Silo websites with WordPress.

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