uMedia-Platinum + Software

uMedia-Platinum + Software

Do you know of local businesses looking to advertise their services but just unable to afford all the costs of advertising where it really counts?

Studies show that magazine and TV ads are second to none for local businesses, but how can the small fish compete with all the conglomerates and large companies out there who can afford ever-growing ad prices? Enter Adverator. Adverator works as an agent for local businesses, getting them ads in the TOP magazines of their niche, and creating continuing relationships for local businesses with these top opportunity ad platforms at reasonable and affordable prices. Adverator is looking for agents to sell their service, and here’s where you come in – the chance of a lifetime to sell Adverator’s amazing services, do none of the work, and get a huge chunk of the profits. Umbrella presents uMedia – the chance to learn how to sell Adverator’s services, providing you with leads to sell them to, the methods to lure them in, and the profits to make it all more than worth it.



FE – uMedia-Platinum – $997

  • Access to 10s of Thousands on Business Advertising Right Now! – search for companies in your local spending money on media – find out how much they are spending and on what (value – $75,000)
  • Adverator / Umbrella Expert Media Consultant Certification (value – $10,000)
  • Lead Gen Machine to scrape emails for new advertisers and add them to the automated email funnel (unlimited value)
  • Media Giant Lead Machine Website for Instant Agency Positioning
  • Sell Other Media As Well (Google, Display, Branding Website Display Etc. $100,000 Value!)
  • Ecom Branding Training: Turn Your Store into a Brand!

GB Name: uMedia-Platinum + Software

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GB Price: $997

GB Cost: 90$/10 Peoples

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