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Underground Online Seminar 5

Underground Online Seminar 5

Hello Everyone,

As you would of noticed I haven’t been around so much the last few days, well the reason is that I’m over in Washington DC at Yanik Silvers Underground Online Seminar. This year Yanik invited 10 young entrepreneurs to come for FREE, the line up included David Leggett, Tyler Lamphere, Marshall Haas and Albert Steven.

It’s been really cool this year, quite a few people have gone up to me saying “Hey Michael, Love Retireat21″ which is so cool! Its great to see that my website is read not just by the young but by a lot of parents who want their children to do better. I also found that there is quite a few top internet entrepreneurs here who are interested in helping young entrepreneurs and are actively doing new things to help them out, I am sure we will see 2009 being the year of the young entrepreneur!

Just in the first day I have had 3 Eureka moments where I have thought of some really cool ideas for Retireat21, hopefully I will share a couple of them with you in the next week. Yanik mentioned at the seminar that he personally spends $75k – $100k a year on his own education and although I don’t spend anywhere near as much, its definitely important to invest in yourself and to go to these type of events.

Meeting Bob Parsons – CEO and Founder of GoDaddy

The first speaker of the event was a keynote speach from Bob parsons of GoDaddy which blew me away! He had all of us on the edge of our seats with a true entrepreial story about how he built up 3 successful company’s. GoDaddy now accounts for over 75% of the market share of domains and is by far the biggest hosting company in the world! Bob mentioned with us 16 rules to his success in business, which you can check all of them out on his blog, my favorite being:

Rule 13. Never expect life to be fair.

Life isn’t fair. You make your own breaks. You’ll be doing good if the only meaning fair has to you, is something that you pay when you get on a bus (i.e., fare).

We also had a good laugh over his company’s super bowl commercials, you can check them all out on GoDaddy video.


We had three other speaks yesterday, Mike Geary, Tim Schmidt and Greg Poulos. I have been following Mike Geary and his website Truth About Abs for the last year and have exchanged a few emails, I will try get a few minutes with him and ask him a couple questions for the Retireat21 readers. Next was Tim who I met 3 years ago now at the first Mastermind group, I have always been really interested in his business model and would love to copy his model and use it for a young entrepreneur membership site. No doubt one of the best speakers of the the weekend and someone you should all be following.

Meeting Garret Goldsmith – The Youngest Young Entrepreneur

Garret is definitely a very motivated young entrepreneur, at 12 years old he has already run a successful eBay business and is now looking to run his first blog at 13 years old called Wat The Puck, a blog about hockey.

Last night Garret and I, being the only two under 21 teamed up and played the tables, everyone at the Casino Royale evening was given $25,000 chips each to gamble and the top three will win a prize. Straight away I tripled my money and then we decided just to have fun and try loose our money, after all its only a game, we weren’t using real money. In the next 5 minutes we had won over $200,000 just spreading our chips on the the roulette. With 1 minute left, I took $200,000 and Garret took $200,000, Garret put all his on Black and I spread mine across the board with $50,000 on RED 17, I WON! I managed to win over $3,000,000 on the last go which was enough to win. The interesting thing about this story is, we had been working together so we put everything together and I handed it over to Garret to give in the money and see how we did, instead of giving his name like any other person would do, he gave mine which surprised me, not many 13 year olds would give up a prize that easily, obviously he’s no normal 13 year old! I have a lot of respect for this young internet prodigy and I think we could have our next David Wilkinson or Carl oCab.


Meeting Yanik Silver – Supporting Young Entrepreneurs

So your probably think, what did you win Michael? I won a first edition of the 1963 book, Ian Fleming – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service which I will get signed on Sunday and share with Garret.

I have met Yanik a few times and always look forward to his seminars through out each year, he is a ordinary guy, likes to work hard but also play hard. Yanik mentioned that he is thinking about inviting 10 young entrepreneurs every year which is really cool, so maybe I will see some of you here next year!


I will keep you updated on what happens in the next couple days!

To our success,

Michael Dunlop

Ps. What has been your favorite part of Underground 5?

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