Universal Andrey Lappa – Theory Of Yoga – Level 1

Universal Andrey Lappa – Theory Of Yoga – Level 1

Name Product: Universal Andrey Lappa – Theory Of Yoga – Level 1
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Author: Andrey Lappa

Universal Yoga is a systematic approach to spiritual evolution based on the key principles of classical yoga, creativity in practice and personal freedom. Andrey Lappa developed the Universal Yoga system after two decades of intensive study and practice with spiritual teachers throughout Asia. His theory lectures offer insightful and comprehensive knowledge and skills for harmonizing spiritual awakening through yoga with everyday life.

We’ve captured and packaged the entire lecture portion of Andrey’s Level 1 Advanced Studies program and made it available on a multi-DVD set. Over 24 hours of edited material guides you through a truly unique workshop experience that presents Andrey’s brilliant synthesis of hatha yoga as well as his provocative insights into more esoteric practices. This fascinating series of lectures on yoga philosophy is as much a training on being a yogi as it is a workshop on how to teach yoga.

The lectures are presented exactly as if the viewer were participating in the teacher training. We’ve preserved as much of the natural feel of the experience as possible, including a great number of real questions from the other students in the class. Andrey makes extensive use of a large presentation easel to list important details, draw diagrams and describe asanas. We’ve made sure to include close-ups of this information on the DVDs, but also created a 16-page, full-color Reference Guide that offers some of the more intricate diagrams in printed form for ease of use and review.

The Level 1 box set focuses on the universal theory of asanas, vinyasas, pranayamas, bandhas, mudras, etc.—essentially the building blocks of a yoga practice. The box set also includes extensive lectures on kundalini, chakras, the yamas and niyamas, the koshas, and karma.


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