University of California-Irvine Ultrasound [Video Lectures] 2010-2012

University of California-Irvine Ultrasound [Video Lectures] 2010-2012


This Video lectures were released during 2010-2012 by University of California-Irvine.

These unique video lecturse will teach you everything you need to know about Ultrasound.
How to performe it, and how to interperate it from A-Z.

These video “must see” by Medical students,general practioners,
and any other medical field specialist who deal with Ultrasound.

These video lectures are organized in 6 folders according to what you
need to know according to your educational level
and due to that, there are about 4 video lectures uploaded 2 times to keep
the files order clear for you.

1- 1st year Medical Student Ultrasound
2- 2nd year Medical Student Ultrasound
3- 3rd year Medical Student Ultrasound
4- 4th year Medical Student Ultrasound
5- Emergency Ultrasound
6- Extra Ultrasound Education for Internal Medicine

Please recall that 1st year Medical student in USA is equivelent to 4th year Medical student elsewhere, and etc..!


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