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VEO Elite Traffic School

VEO Elite Traffic School

VEO Elite Traffic School [16 Videos (avi) 8 Audio (mp3s) 7 ebooks (pdf)]

VEO Elite Traffic School helps affiliate marketers create well structured web sites in markets where the money is flowing, and then drive huge amounts of search engine traffic using the principles of VEO (Visitor Enhanced Optimization).

It is divided into five basic modules:

– Week One: Finding Profit Centers in Your Industry

– Week Two: Green Money Lines

– Week Three: Fast Content Creation Strategies

– Week Four: Viral Traffic Generation Strategies

– Week Five: Rapid Product Creation

Here’s what you will receive:

-Instant Traffic Generation Strategies – You get my insiders secrets that show you EXACTLY how to drive instant traffic.

– Live Weekly Success Sessions – You will know everything you need to know for sustainable success with the “No-Holds” Barred LIVE discussions on breaking news, motivation to take your business to the next level and get your questions answered personally…

– Your Questions Answered – You will get access to the LIVE Success Sessions… You will NOT be alone… Because I care about your success these sessions have no time limit.

– How to Leverage Your Existing Content – Insider secrets to planning and creating content

– How to Build Links – Inbound links are VERY important for gaining search engine rankings.

– Step by step – What & How to do run a successful internet business.

– How to use html editors – You need to know this to make fast changes on your website to avoid paying costly “design” fees when you don’t have to..

– Action plan – You will have a task list of what you need to do ongoing for a sustainable business.

– Encouragement and Guidance – Every successful athlete has a coach guiding and encouraging them on their path to success. I still pay coaches to this very day to guide and elevate my performance to the next level.

– How To Manage Your Time – The most precious commodity is YOUR time, discover how to work on your business versus working in your business

– Get Ahead by Learning and Earning in Real-Time – Google might be dancing today or a profitable market may open for the club to jump on. Our network has a news vine that will keep you posted on the latest industry trends and developments.

– Choosing a Market – Watch and learn the steps we take to find profitable markets

– LSI Niche BluePrint for Search Engine Domination – It’s no longer enough to create pages that are optimized for ranking in Google, the Semantic relation of your entire site must be taken into consideration. You will get a site blue print that achieves proper website theming.

– Get my Insider Content Creation Techniques –

– Web 2.0 tricks and tips – Watch as we implement cutting edge Web 2.0 and social bookmarking methods.

– Online Advertising Cash Machine. – Turn $1 into $4. It can be done. After you’ve learned the basics be prepared to learn what no other marketers are teaching. The VEO Elite has access to some of the best traffic on the net.

– Learn Super Affiliate techniques – How to launch your first affiliate business and get it profitable in less than a week. Build a massive traffic network and get paid over and over again for it. Watch and learn how we research competitors, build review sites, find new affiliate programs.

– Advanced SEO and VEO – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Visitor Enhanced Optimization (VEO).

– My strategy has been focused on natural search placement which can reduce your marketing costs.

– By having several properties highly ranked you are in a position to start dominating your market.

– Long Tail strategies and “NEW” Short Tail techniques – Watch how we use and leverage the long tail traffic. See how we use Social networks, YouTube and others to bring more visitors and more cash!

– How to Design and Build Websites from Scratch – Watch as we build a website from scratch What fonts and graphics you should NEVER use. How to design a site from the ground up allowing for SEO and VEO strategies Learn from a graphic design professional how to make your site look and perform like those of a Fortune 500 company!

– Learn when to use a Blog or Content Management System and when not to. Learn where we find virtual assistants that work while we sleep. Adding Opt-in Forms and Shopping carts to your website. Where to find graphics and photos and how to easily format them and add them to your site.

– There is much more that you get as a direct result of the interactive Live Success Session Classes…

In a nutshell….

You get Insider Traffic Generation Secrets…

When you take action on what I have to share with you…

You will have the power to drive instant traffic to your website without spending a dime on Pay-Per-Click advertising!

If any of his is ringing a bell with you today, then….

“Rest Easy Because You Have Finally Found What It Really Takes to GROW Your Business – And Get IMMEDIATE Results”

Description above from the VEO Elite Traffic School sales page.

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