Video Ads Traffic - Group Effort Share

Video Ads Traffic – Group Effort Share

Discover the “Idiot Proof” Way to Get Facebook to Do The Heavy Lifting & Generate Huge Lists of 25k+ With Each Tiny Ad!

Plus…Get Exclusive Access to an Over-The-Shoulder Real Life $2,599 Case Study.

See The Results From Some of Our Students

“Using Adam’s training, I spent just $29 on an ad and ended up with that post getting a reach of over half a million, the video getting 204,000 views, the post being liked by over 3,800 people and shared 3029 times.Most importantly, it gave me a targeted custom audience of 180,600. This stuff works!”

From: The Desks of Adam Payne and Paul Venables

Location: The Japanese Alps and The Evergreen State

Dear fellow entrepreneur,

I’m sure you’ve been round the Internet marketing block a few times. Am I right? It’s a tough world out there… Well, what you’re about to discover is WITHOUT A DOUBT the best system for building a laser targeted audience that you’ve seen to date.

Adam Payne here. My partner Paul Venables and I have something that can have you building your list as you’ve completed the course and taken action.

A Targeted List of 698,000…

People who spend their time doing high-impact high-value work are more successful. Period. I realised this back in early 2015…. Back then, one of my goals was to crack the code With Facebook ads. At the time, few people were using video ads successfully.

I used a then never before seen method, and with $20 ad spend, cranked out $239 in sales and built an audience of 698,000 in the golf niche. I was hooked.

I Tried It Again…

I tried it again, this time in the triathlon niche and monetized the list with T-Shirts.
My video got 501,000 views on a $5 a day budget.

My pages were exploding and I was building crazy retargeting lists at the same time.
Students were over the moon.

All Was Good BUT…

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