Video Traffic X

Video Traffic X

Video Traffic X

Dear JV Partner,

On 20th October 2015 you’re invited to the Video Traffic X launch that’s set to obliterate the SEO landscape. Be prepared for explosive EPCs on the day, and 50% recurring commissions LONG into the future.

And that’s just for starters:

Offer your subscribers a positive push-button SEO experience, that’ll get ’em ranking on page 1… for multiple keywords, while pulling in traffic hand-over-fist, time and time again…

Win your share of a $20,000+ prize pool… for what’s probably the easiest SEO ‘sell’ (and the coolest prize fund) of the year.
Video Traffic X’s Explosive Ranking Power And True Push Button Automation Will Make It
The Most Talked About SEO Tool Of 2015…

But before I tell you about it, let me introduce myself…

I’m Andy Fletcher, and I don’t build plugins, I build businesses…

And the one thing that’s crystal clear is this:
The Best Commission Is A Recurring Commission

Why get paid once when you can get paid 100 times, every month, like clockwork, right?

The only problem with recurring commissions is they’re a nightmare to sell…

Or at least they were…

You see, I’ve been working behind the scenes on this exact issue… and I think I’ve finally cracked it…

But I can’t take all the credit…

Meet The Deadly Duo Who Want To Stuff Money Into Your Pockets From Now Until Forever…

Andy Fletcher is a master of developing tech that lasts… and which people are happy to continue paying for month on month. You only need to look at MASSIVE ongoing success of DigiResults for solid proof that what Andy builds… keeps selling… long after the launch is done ‘n’ dusted.

Walt Bayliss is a selling machine. “Andy builds, Walt sells”, that’s the mantra. Nobody wants to be fighting on a leaderboard when Walt comes out to play… (unless of course, he’s sitting on top of your leaderboard). A 6-year launch veteran, with hundreds of thousands of dollars made in commissions, Walt’s recently been killing it with RepWarn, and he doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon.

VTX Is A Long Term Service, With 
Natural “Lock In” That Guarantees You 
Lifetime Commissions…

Your subscribers jump on the one-time credit deal on the front end with the promise of using them to rank.

Then the upsell immediately offers the opportunity to lock in the same amount of credits, every month, at the same super-discounted price…

It’s sounds simple but it works, which is why you see heavyweights like Joshua Zamora, Chris Munch and Dan Anton deploying this genius funnel.

When we launch, we ALWAYS get it right.
But don’t take just my word for it…
Made me thousands from a small list

Andy’s software converts like crazy. It’s made me thousands from a small list. He knows what the market wants, he gives it, but not only that they have a sales page that crushes it! I’ve had incredible EPCs from his software.

– Chris Munch
One of the best JV experiences I’ve had

I promoted Andy’s last launch and was totally blown away by the hands on support and updates from Andy and his team. Was far and away one of the best JV experiences I’ve had to date!

– James Sides
Happy affiliates and happy customers. The way it should be!

Andy and his team are some of the best in the business. Not only are his products rock solid, the structure he has setup makes being an affiliate a breeze. Happy affiliates and happy customers. The way it SHOULD be!

He’s got high EPCs down to an exact science

Lemme put it this way – if anyone can deliver high EPC to you – Andy can. He’s got high EPCs down to an exact science now – and I get mega pissed off anytime Andy does a launch without giving me at least 2 weeks notice – so that I can sharpen my knives in preparation for the big pay-day. LOL!

– Oz Da Don
Innovative products, designed to convert

Innovative products that will have a positive impact on my customers businesses and designed to convert. My last promotion for Andy has delivered a $4.41 EPC, amongst my top 5 promotions ever.

– Justin Wheeler


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