Warrior Forum Live Event 2011

Warrior Forum Live Event 2011

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“This event dramatically changed the course of my IM career for the better, like, IMMEDIATELY!”

“Just wanted to take a quick second out to thank you and Brian for organizing such a great event (WF Event 2011 in Raleigh).

This was my FIRST EVER networking event like this, and I had an amazing time! All of my nerves immediately disappeared as I saw I was around an awesome bunch of like-minded people.

The presentations and speakers rocked and the connections I made have taken my earnings to the next level and I immediately made my investment back and then some.

Plus, the renewed sense of focus and attention has catapulted my productivity.

NO DOUBT will I be at the next event with bells on.

Thank you!
Laura Catella
“I learned more that weekend than I have in the past year of Internet Marketing…”

“The Warrior Event 2011 was amazing…

I walked away from the event with a ton of actionable knowledge, and more important, the motivation to go execute. Since the event I have launched my first 2 (non-IM) products, and have a few more in the works.

I can’t wait to get the event DVDs, I know they will be a valuable resource that I will use for years to come as reference (and motivational!) material.

Thanks again for an awesome event Sam & Brian!”

Ed Holloway
“The Warrior Event was a total blast!”

“Hey Sam & Brian,

It was really great meeting up with so many of my online heros and catching up with a ton of old friends and people on my list.

I always tell people I coach to get to these events to network, learn key tips and see how the pro’s do it and this was a perfect example.

Can’t wait for the reunion next year.”
Mike Cowles

Experience The Warrior Event 2011
Without Even Leaving Your Chair…
Announcing: The Official Warrior Event 2011 DVD Set

Here’s What’s On Each DVD

Each professionally mastered DVD contains great looking High-Resolution MP4 Video of each session

We’ve painstakingly recreated the entire weekend for you, capturing all of the priceless expertise shared by our speakers, along with the hilarious moments everyone’s been talking about.

If Tim Castleman’s presentation doesn’t make you want to pour yourself a nice glass of “apple juice”… you may need to check your pulse!

PLUS you get MP3 Audio Recordings – all the uncut, uncensored room audio

There’s no telling what you might “overhear” on these unedited recordings.

Special Thanks for Warrior Don Schenk for capturing these for us all to enjoy!

The Official Warrior Event 2011 DVD Set comes on two DVD’s jam-packed with all 14 live speaker sessions from superstar Warriors like Internet Marketing wiz Jason Fladlien, nationally published lifestyle-business mogul Ron Douglas, webinar bad-ass E. Brian Rose…

And that’s just three of the SEVENTEEN top-gun marketing experts we brought to the stage that weekend…

Discover the proven selling secrets of millionaire-maker copywriting legends David Deutsch, Vin Montello, Brian McLeod and Colin Theriot…

Sit in on a closed-door Mastermind Panel Session with WarriorPlus owner Mike Lantz, Brad Gosse and Mike Cowles – finally revealed, the secret formula for getting the coveted WSO of the Day status for your next offer…

Everyone loves it when Michael Hiles shares a brief glimpse his amazing business strategy expertise on the forum – imagine spending and entire HOUR with Michael as he lays out the 7, 8, even 9-figure battle-plans of the huge companies he invests in and consults with…

Beloved Warriors like super-cool Bryan Zimmerman, ecommerce expert Sam England, the one and only Tim Castleman, WSO-King Mike Carraway, fast-talking, fast-thinking John Rhodes, offline marketing action-taker Mario Brown, and deli-owner turned info-product genius Brad Spencer – each sharing the explosively profitable tactics and strategies they’re using RIGHT NOW to generate tons of cash, build sustainable, profitable businesses, and have a great time doing it!

Street Price $197 Plus Shipping & Handling
$97 + FREE Shipping* (SAVE $100!)

TIME SENSITIVE OFFER: All Orders Must Be Place Before 7/21/11
Our fulfillment center closes for 2 weeks on 7/22/11 and this offer will be closed.
When they reopen, we’ll reopen this offer – at a higher price!

“These people are coming…

They’re gonna want to eat, drink and have a good time…

Better be ready!”

Monday, July 25, 2011
From: Brian McLeod & Sam England

Dear Fellow Warrior:

Sam warned them.

He told the hotel staff straight up…

And the eager to please folks at the Crabtree Valley Holiday Inn thought they WERE ready…

But they had NO CLUE what was about to unfold that weekend…

Heck, even Sam and I weren’t really sure all that sure what to expect.

Well friend, I’m here to tell you – we COMMANDEERED the place.

Everywhere you looked, from the moment you walked through the sliding glass doors, the place was literally spilling over with all your favorite people from the Warrior Forum.

First person I saw when I arrived at the hotel was Jack Tackett, who was of immeasurable help throughout the event.

Jack hosted the previous Warrior Event (also held in Raleigh) and he’s the one who scored the swanky Warrior Event 2011 T-shirts for attendees.

Fellow Warrior Dan Rinnert lent a hand on graphics and printing too (but he punked out of coming)…

But, I’m getting off track here – let me get back to telling you how INSANE this event turned out to be!
“The Warrior Event 2011 was one of the funnest events I ever went too…”

Besides getting to meet a lot of my online friends in person, I made new connections that have already made me double what I spent on the trip to Raleigh…

And to top it off – the hotel bar had $2 tap beers!

What more could a person ask for?”
James Foster
Warriors brought the party – that’s for sure…

On Friday afternoon, the hotel got their first shock…

I figured, what better way to test out the PA system than to hook up my iPhone and crank up some “Back In Black” at ear splitting volume?

Think of it as a warning shot across the bow… Sam got a little freaked out for a second, but then he started rockin’ on the jams and IT WAS ON…

We kicked off the event Saturday morning…

Warriors promptly downed almost 7 gallons of coffee (at $50/gallon) in 23 minutes flat! Needless to say, we kept their beverage service scrambling all weekend long.

That was their first clue that this Warrior Event was unlike anything to ever land in their hotel in the past…

Later in the afternoon, the boisterous boys from Airius Media rolled in with “supplies” for their sponsored open-bar Pool Party.They bought so much booze they had to get a special license for it all. No kidding!

If they thought this was going to be like a local Rotary or Kiwanis Club meeting, they were sorely mistaken…

These Warriors came to have FUN.
We ate the restaurant almost completely out of food…

We ate so many burgers that they ran out of buns after the first day.

And don’t even ASK me about the “Hot Dog Special” on Sunday.

I’m pretty sure that restaurant has never served that kind of crowd before… EVER!
We drank them straight out of booze, too…

On Friday night, John the head bartender got real smart, real quick…

The hotel bar normally closes pretty early.

But with all those fat tips flowing in… John decided to become a little more, ahem… entrepreneurial.

He hung out ’til the wee hours with us and we all had a great time together. John was the coolest…

He just kept on ringing up those Paypal cards, and Warriors kept on ordering more drinks — you could really tell this was an Internet Marketing seminar!
“The last Warrior Event made me…
This one nearly KILLED me…”
Warrior Event 2011 Speaker- Tim Castleman

By Sunday night, we’d dutifully tapped out all their kegs of draft, swallowed down nearly all of their bottled beer and completely decimated their entire top shelf of liquor!

I ran into John as he strolled in Monday morning, on his day off, catalog in hand to, in his words, “reorder EVERYTHING!”

A great time was had by all (some actually had a little TOO much fun, but we’ll save that for an “uncensored” version!).

It was the best kind of bedlam…
But that’s not why everyone traveled all the way to Raleigh
from all across the globe…

Our speakers definitely brought the HEAT!

The REAL reason everyone was there was to take part in an absolutely life-changing, career-making weekend of discovery…

We featured 14 live sessions over the course of two jam-packed days, each bursting with actionable, profit-generating ideas and strategies that have generated FORTUNES for our experts online.

And what they shared was far from the typical schmoozy, “sell the dream” type dreck we’ve all seen so much of…

This was the hardcore boots on the ground stuff that’s working NOW… that’s earning cash daily for our speakers.

This kind of hard-won experience and priceless wisdom shared openly with everyone in attendance is now YOURS…
Check out this quick and dirty “Spy Video” I shot on my iPhone
while Brad Spencer was giving his presentation…
How many familiar Warrior faces can you spot?

“Kudos and thanks to Sam and Brian
for a kick butt event.”

“Thanks for great conversations and I enjoyed meeting new friends and getting back together with other friends.

The speakers were great and I’m still trying to digest all the great actionable information I learned…

Can’t wait for the next one!”
Jack Tackett
“I decided to block off the weekend and move things around to attend — thank goodness I did…”

“With enough client work and personal projects to keep me busy 24/7 for the next year the last thing I really wanted to do was take time off to go to another event…

However, with Sam and Brian putting in so much work to get the Warrior Forum annual event together and the list of people who were attending I decided to block off the weekend and move things around to attend — thank goodness I did.

The weekend was fantastic and not only did I add several new clients and make some incredible connections to JV Partner with for my upcoming launch of Rapid Residual Pro software but I also made many new friends as well.

Finding fellow entrepreneurs who understand what you’re going through is not easy – attending well organized events where others like you gather, like the Warrior Forum annual meetup, is one of the best ways to get support, share stories and contribute to others as well.

I’ll definitely be attending again next year – many thanks to you and Brian, Sam… for putting on such an incredible event.”
Steve Odette
“I went to the warrior event in Raleigh and it was absolutely awesome”

“I made a ton of contacts and the people that I met and the information I have learned have put thousands in my pocket already.

Sam England and Brian McLeod did a tremendous job.

For the nominal cost to go it provided an absolutely tremendous value.”
James Renouf

Bryan Zimmerman On…
“Organizing a Plan For Success and
the Road Map to Get You There”

Bryan Zimmerman’s internet success story is one that nearly anyone can relate to.

Without so much as an email address in August of 2008, Bryan very quickly created a full time income online, allowing him to walk away from a miserable, back-breaking 12-14 hour a day construction job.

Limited by very short amounts of time to work on projects at first, Bryan has mastered an systemized exactly what it takes to be profitably productive in the shortest amount of time.

Bryan is the creator and publisher of several very popular Internet Marketing products, but he gets the most satisfaction from privately mentoring Warriors looking for success.
Mario Brown On…
“From Zero To Hero… Simple Offline Marketing Strategies That WORK”

Mario Brown arrived in Miami in October 2007 with nothing but his backpack and a dream, not having any friends, contacts or mainly in Miami.

He was able to quit his day job after 8 short months and then became a full time Internet Marketer focusing on product creation and affiliate Marketing.

A big chunk of his monthly income now comes from helping small businesses in his local area to dominate the search engines and to increase their online presence.

Mario shares how to make money from local businesses and how he’s been able to increase his income by 300% in the last 3 months while slashing his workweek from 80 hours to 25 hours and how you can do the same.
Colin Theriot On…
“Superhero Storytelling”

Colin Theriot is a professional web copywriter and consultant living and working in Atlanta, Georgia. He’s worked with several key figures in the Internet Marketing education industry, including Andy Jenkins, Jeremy Schoemaker, Dan Thies,Leslie Rohde, Maria Andros, and more.

He has worked on multiple successful information product launches including several StomperNet releases, The Video Boss, Kajabi, Shoemoney System, Video Conversion Formula,Dominating Google, Link Liberation 2.0 and others. Several of these launches hold industry records ranging as high as 7 to 8 figures in sales for a single campaign.

In addition to creating successful launch messaging, he’s sought after for his expertise in creating influence and brand-building through creative, ongoing messaging strategies designed to cultivate a loyal audience that has a long-term value for information sellers and affiliate marketers.
Mike Carraway On…
“WSO Domination”

Mike Carraway (WF Name: WineBuddy) started working “online” all the way back in 1992 when he set up a bulletin board service for a real estate company.

Mike has been actively involved in Internet Marketing and offline marketing ever since, creating a wide variety of profitable niche websites, products, and services.

Mike is an award winning speaker and instructor, has authored countless books, and maintains many websites. He is an active member of several online communities.

As a favorite Warrior Forum member, Mike has had or participated in NINE “WSO’s of the Day” in the last three months alone and he’s going to share his most closely guarded secrets to creating Cash Pumping WSO’s
Brad Spencer On…
“Generating Fast Cash with Micro Product Creation”

Brad Spencer is a serial entrepreneur located in Orlando, FL who specializes in “micro product creation. He’s also a consultant on many successful products in many different facets of internet marketing.

Outside of the traditional internet marketing space, Brad’s the co-owner of a top 50-rated restaurant in Orlando called “Perrotti’s NY Deli”Perrotti’s serves delicious all natural sandwiches that make plain-jane “sub shops” obsolete.

At the Warrior Event, Brad will be discussing how anyone can build a business leveraging small products, affiliates, and building a business around repeat customers who DEVOUR any new product that a person can launch.
Tim Castleman On…
“Being Awesome…”

In less than 60 minutes, Tim Castleman will show you the fastest and easiest way to create your next profitable product.

The best part about Tim’s method is – you get paid to create the product!

Tim will reveal his best secrets and show you exactly how he’s been PAID to produce every product he’s created.

PLUS: There’s zero risk for Tim doing things his way – AND – the products took him less than 3 hours to create from start to complete.
Ron Douglas on…
“Using Leverage to Build a Lifestyle Business
That Generates Millions”

Ron DouglasAs an established expert in e-commerce, information marketing, and publicity, Ron is amongst an elite group of individuals who have earned millions both with a niche focused Internet business and in traditional mainstream publishing.

Ron has been featured on Good Morning America, Home Shopping Network, Fox News, ABC News, Good Day NY, Fox & Friends, the Today Show, and in People Magazine.

The advanced strategies he’ll share with you will show you how to use the motivated efforts of others to make more money while having more time to share with the people you love.

John Rhodes On…
“Generate Bizarre Amounts of Free Traffic Using Very Simple Articles and Unusual ‘Bio Box’ Secrets”

John Rhodes, along with his brother Matt, has seen tremendous success through sharing simple, powerful, and scalable money making strategies for Warriors over the last few years.

John will be showing you a series of his “simple frameworks” that you can use to reliably crank out articles faster than ever before…

And how to easily produce more clicks from those articles as well.That’s not all… John will also show you different types of article marketing – most of which are his secrets to thousands upon thousands of free visitors month in and out from the search engines.
Jason Fladlien On…
“How Jason Made Over $173,000
From Less Than 23 hours of Work”

Jason Fladlien has successfully launched more than 46 products online – for himself and for his clients.

He’s routinely paid up to $10,000 as a product launch consultant.

Jason is going to show you – step by step – the single most profitable type of “launch” model he’s ever done. You’ll get the exact case study as well as an easy to follow blueprint on this “secret weapon” launch model.

INCREDIBLY popular with Warriors – Jason Fladlien is living proof positive of how smart, focused action can transform someone into a six-figure per MONTH marketerbefore your very eyes on the Warrior Forum!
E. Brian Rose On…
“Create Staggering Sales Success
with the power of GREAT Webinars”

If you thought that webinars were just for gurus with monster lists, think again!

When E Brian Rose attended his first webinar, he was blown away… not at how good it was, but at how horrible it was! He knew that it was time for awebinar revolution – and that is exactly what he started.

Now, EBR teaches his killer webinar techniques to some of the biggest names in Internet marketingand he will be sharing those exact same techniques with you – live, at the Warrior Live Networking Event 2011.

You will learn how you can get started making a killing in webinars, even if you have NO LIST and have never created a product in your life
Live Mastermind Group:
Brad Gosse, Mike Cowles, Mike Lantz – Hosted by Brian McLeod

The Top Secret WSO of the Day Formula
Behind the scenes with Brad Gosse’s popular Stock Photo Pack WSO
“How Can I Recruit Good Affiliates?”
“What’s up with people getting banned by Paypal?”
“What’s the Best Day to Launch a WSO?”
“How Do I Get Testimonials?”
Create a new WSO thread or use an old one?
Best way to find the best WSO’s?
How can I create new product ideas?
#1 Lesson From the Adult Industry that Applies to IM
How Do We Stop People From Pirating WSO’s?
And much, much more…

Michael Hiles On…
“Business Development Strategy…
The 50,000 Foot View”

Serial Entrepreneur and marketing strategy expert, Michael Hiles, will present a high-level, strategic, big picture view of starting and developing an internet business venture going deep into concepts like strategy development, growth planning, and exit strategy.

Michael founded his first successful web development consulting company in 1994, creating profitable web marketing solutions for huge corporate clients like Procter & Gamble, Automotive Dealership Information Systems (Reynolds & Reynolds), and many other .com entities.

In 1999, Michael merged his business with one of the largest direct response mail marketing companies in the US to become their web marketing division, developing integrated marketing campaign strategies for hundreds of client firms – including national brands like Earthlink, Yahoo,CitySearch, McDonald’s, Champion Window… as well as many local small-to-medium companies.

Michael continues to work with business clients as a business development and marketing consultant. He has a deep passion for working with entrepreneurs, business development, and marketing – and at the Warrior Event 2011, Michael is going to deliver the goods!
Brian McLeod, David Deutsch & Vin Montello On…
“The Copywriter’s Confessional”

Brian McLeod is a direct-response copywriter and marketing consultant based in Miami, Florida with over a decade and a half of home run hits under his belt.

In the mid-nineties, Brian co-founded one of the nation’s largest and most successful new product development companies – growing that business to nine figures in sales with hundreds of employees.

Brian’s client list includes some of the most revered names in modern marketing:
Spike Humer, David Garfinkel, David Deutsch, John Carlton, Yanik Silver, Ben Mack, Audrey Kerwood to name just a few…

Brian’s work in DRTV has been broadcast on every major network, his direct mail promotions have been mailed around the globe to millions, and his consulting work with effective, high net-worth entrepreneurs and business owners is legendary.

David Deutsch is truly an “A-List” direct-response copywriting legend.

David holds major controls at several of the world’s largest mailers. and regularly consults with some of the most successful direct marketing firms in the business.

David’s advertising career began over 30 years ago in the traditional big agency world, working at the famed Ogilvy & Mather.

David continues to write winner after winner for Boardroom and other huge mailers and is currently developing a training program to help young copywriters break into the direct mail business.

Vin Montello is one of the most sought after (and expensive) online copywriters working today.

After several years of #1 hit after #1 hit on Clickbank, Vin is widely recognized as the king of “Story-Selling”.

And if you know Vin’s back story it’s little wonder why…

Vin spent years as a “Hollywood” television writer penning sit coms, animated kids shows, and even executive co-produced a recent reality show on the TLC network.

This trio of powerhouse copywriters is going to share their hard-won secrets for crafting a seductively persuasive sales message and getting your customers to pull out their wallets and BUY!

Long Copy & Long Copy vs. Video
Selling Product vs. Selling Personality
Features vs. Benefits
Fonts, Colors…What’s Best?
Buy Buttons?
Can Long Copy “Oversell” Lower Priced Products? Does a $17 Product Need a Long Sales Letter?
Do You Use Templates?
How Do You Write an Awesome Headline?
Agitating the Problem
Page Composition

Sam England on…
“How To Build a Successful Drop Shipping
& Ecommerce Business”

Sam England is a serial Entrepreneur who has been in the Ecommerce and Drop Shipping business since 2003, running a number of successful stores online.

Sam covers tactics for creating and promoting drop shipping sites that anyone can use to earn an easy residual income, whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to extract more cash from your existing business.

He shows you how to choose the best niches and keywords to maximize your results. Learn how to identify the hottest niche markets that are searched online AND how to choose keywords that stand the best chance of succeeding!

Regardless of your current financial situation, your technical skills or your educational background, you too can use Sam’s proven techniques to build an empire of web based stores.
Now It’s YOUR Turn
To Have An Unfair Advantage…
Claim your copy of The Official Warrior Event 2011 DVD Set…

…and lock in this special Warrior Only price of $97 including FREE SHIPPING to your door!

Each of these sessions on these 2 DVD’s are well worth the entire purchase price on their own.

And you’re getting 14 of them.

At $97 each, that’s well over $1,300 worth of priceless internet marketing expertise at your fingertips.

If each one only cost $17 (like a typical WSO) you’d still be looking at $238

This time-limited Warrior Special Offer brings the cost of each session down to only $6.93 each!

This is the value of a lifetime and you need to own this – even if that means not grabbing the next cheapo PLR pack or pushbutton plugin coming out every other day.

The success-minded have already decided to grab their copy by now… so don’t delay.

You must act now – our fulfillment center is moving and this offer ends July 21st…

No need for fake scarcity tactics or hype – this urgency is very, very real!

If you miss out now, you WILL pay more when we reopen after our fulfillment center comes back on line.

So, take control of your Internet Marketing career and let these amazing speakers show you the fast-path to the cash.

Can’t wait to hear what you think about the DVD’s!


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