William Brooks – The New Science Of Selling And Persuasion | 338 MB

William Brooks – The New Science Of Selling And Persuasion | 338 MB

Sales has changed dramatically in the last few decades, yet many organizations and salespeople continue to employ simplistic, outdated practices that no longer work with today’s savvy, cynical customer.

“The New Science of Selling and Persuasion” presents a practical, relevant, and revolutionary approach. Here, salespeople, sales managers and entire organizations will find the tools they need to create a modern sales strategy and implement an organizational structure that supports excellence in selling.

In this bestselling book, Bill Brooks dispels common sales myths and refutes common beliefs.

For example:

Myth 1: Closing is the key to selling.

The truth? Research clearly shows that how you open a sale is more important than how you close it.

Myth 2: Persistence is the key to sales success.

The truth? Badgering bad prospects doesn’t work! Concentrating on the right prospects from the beginning does.

Bill backs his assertions with facts, figures and lessons learned in his 26-year career as a salesperson, sales manager, entrepreneur and CEO. Far from pure theory, this book includes real-world observations gleaned from his work with over 2000 clients in nearly every industry.
Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn in this powerful book:

• How to hire and retain great salespeople
• How to select and empower the right sales managers
• An 8-step sales management process you can implement now
• Why you must have a sales culture (or at lease a viable sales subculture) within your organization – and how to build one
• How smart companies introduce accountability for better results
• How to integrate the marketing promise with the sales and service experience

This one-of-a-kind resource is full of audits and surveys designed to help business leaders diagnose and correct organizational problems that inhibit sales growth.Take a Smart Selling organizational survey on each chapter to find out how your organization stacks up. There’s also a handy checklist of key points at the end of each chapter; remind yourself of key points as you read – or revisit them periodically throughout your career! A straightforward, enlightening read for anyone involved in sales leadership.


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