Win in Life by Living Your Purpose Find your Ikigai

Win in Life by Living Your Purpose Find your Ikigai

Win in Life by Living Your Purpose Find your Ikigai

Name Product: Win in Life by Living Your Purpose – Find your Ikigai
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Win in Life | Find your Purpose | Live your Dreams | Includes the Ikigai 4 Circle Blueprint

Do you feel unfulfilled waking up each morning?
Are you doing what you love and earning money while doing it?
Are you living your purpose or living by default, living a bogus destiny according to others expectations of you and what society dictates?

Ikigai is a Japanese concept used to describe ‘why I wake up in the morning”. In its simplest form, Ikigai is composed of two words; iki, which refers to life, and kai, which concerns the insight into one’s hope and expectations. The Japanese are renowned for their diligent lifestyle and culture especially compared to the rather laid-back approach of western life. One of the secrets of the hard-working and purpose-driven Japanese culture is the way adherents take delight in and value their Ikigai. According to the Japanese, every single person on the surface of the earth has an Ikigai — a reason for being or a purpose in your life. So, there you have it, you have an Ikigai and you need to discover it in this class.

Receive an actionable 4 circle blueprint for living your purpose in this class and change your life by living with more intent and focused purpose. The class is practical and for anyone looking to better their current circumstances and find their lifes purpose.

This Class will give you the 4 circle blueprint to align your life and career with your purpose. Aligning your passion, mission , profession and vocation.

Also, Master 7 morning habits to level-up your day and learn how to free yourself from negative thinking whilst as an added BONUS, get the tools to optimize your daily routine for success!


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