Wordbotic Super-Deluxe Bonus

Wordbotic Super-Deluxe Bonus

Wordbotic Super-Deluxe Bonus

Name Product: Wordbotic Super-Deluxe Bonus
Size: 3.1 Gb
COST: $597= Your Free

Bonus Guides
How to Create a 5-in-1 Product Document
Udemy 101 Guide
The Ultimate Guide to Audacity
Fiverr Selling Secrets

“Swiss Army Knife” 5-in-1 Products

1. How to Create a 5-in-1 Product: Introduction
2. How to Create a Powerpoint
3. Converting Your Powerpoint to a MindMap
4. Recording Your Video: PC Version
5. Recording Your Video: Mac Version
6. Editing Your Recording: PC Version
7. Editing Your Recording: Mac Version
8. How to Convert Your Video to Audio
9. How to Convert Your Audio to Text
10. How to Create Your PDF Report: Part 1
11. How to Create Your PDF Report: Part 2

Udemy 101

1. Getting Started: Creating a Udemy Account
2. Getting Started: Naming Your Udemy Product
3. Getting Started: Pricing Your Product
4. Getting Started: Setting Up Your Course
5. Submitting: Uploading Content to the Curriculum Page
6. Submitting: Publishing Your Curriculum Materials
7. Submitting: How to Become a Premium Instructor
8. Submitting: Adding Keywords to Your Course Listing
9. Promotion: Writing Your Udemy Sales Page
10. Promotion: Creating an Image For Your Course
11. Promotion: How to Shoot a Promotional Video
12. Promotion: Uploading Your Video & Publishing Your Course
13. Advanced: Udemy Case Study Sales Update
14. Advanced: Creating a Coupon for Your Course
15. Advanced: Promote Your Course with Social Media
16. Advanced: Building a List With Your Udemy Course
17. Advanced: Two More Ways to Monetize Your Subscribers
18. Advanced: Leveraging the Udemy Affiliate Program

Formatting Your Manuscript

Format Your Manuscript
Kindle Formatting/Publishing
6×9 Book Template

1. Moving Your Manuscript to the 6 x 9 Book Template
2. Page Size and Margins
3. Title, Rights and Disclaimer Pages
4. Font Selection and Size
5. Creating Chapters and Headings
6. Adding Images to Your Manuscript
7. Customizing & Adding Value to Your Book
8. Monetizing Your Book with ‘Book Hooks’
9. Your About the Author Page
10. Generating a Table of Contents

PLR Masterclass

1. Flippin PLR with Jeff Wellman
2. List PLR with Paul Counts
3. WSO Profits With Kevin Koop
4. FB Money with Dave Cisneros
5. Residual PLR with Liz Tomey

Author’s Advantage Software

Author’s Advantage Software

1. Author’s Advantage: Installation Instructions
2. Author’s Advantage: Usage Guide

Kindle Sales Page Training
Sales Pages Guide
Sales Pages MindMap

1. Introduction
2. Web vs Kindle
3. Covers and Facts
4. Outsourcing Covers
5. Cover Recommendations
6. Titles and Headlines
7. Look Inside
8. Budget Pricing
9. Optimized Pricing
10. Premium Pricing
11. Royalties
12. Author Page
13. Links
14. Description
15. Best Seller Rank
16. Reviews
17. Keywords
18. Tags

Author Central Training

Author Central Guide

1. Why have one?
2. Setting one up
3. Creating Book Descriptions
4. Author Pages
5. Bestseller Ranking
6. Book Reviews
7. Pen Names
8. Multiple Accounts

Kindle Cover Templates

Jump to: 3D Models • All Purpose Covers • Fiction Covers • Typography Covers • Character Covers

You can edit any of the covers below using Photoshop or Gimp, or follow the directions in this video to create a 3d version of your cover


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