WSO – AP Offline Coaching Course

Marketing Local companies online is Ten times easier than trying to market online to the world. I’d say a 100x harder but some of you guys do make money online. I’m going to tell you the same story I’ve told my kids in college. Having a college education doesn’t mean squat anymore. Take control of your life; stop depending upon the government or your employer to take care of you. If you want the nicer things in life you have to work for yourself. Be your own boss, building your own company, your own wealth.

Here is a fraction of what will be covered
* How to “Position” yourself before you seek out businesses, marketing YOU!
* Do I need to be a good salesman to make money at this?
* How to be a scarcity not a commodity
* What do you say at the first Face to Face meeting with a prospect?
* Where can you find the Best clients?
* How do you avoid the Worst clients?
* What are the Best Niches to go after?
* How do you educate your prospects?
* How can you get clients to pay you $500, $1,000, $2,000 a month and more?
* How to get big upfront checks before any work has started.
* How can you get clients if you have no existing clients, what about references?
* What is the best way to collect money?
* What tools will you need to get started?
* What to do after you’ve collected that first check?
* Can you really outsource to the Philippines for less than a $100 week?
* How you can lock up a client for 24 months or longer, guaranteed money.
* How to determine what to charge and not leave any money on the table
* How to understand the clients business better than they know it.
* How do you gain Trust?
* How to dominate the Local Search engines
* How to claim your Google Places listing and get your client page one
* What services produce the Best results for your clients?
* How to develop a Customer Retention Program for your clients
* How to do this offline at home in your underwear
* What’s the fastest way to get clients
* How to automate your business, work part time, but make a full time income
* What if there were NO INTERENT, do you know how to get results offline?

The 3 Biggest mistakes I see students make time, after time, after time …
Start doing it the right way and the clients will come. Plus I’ll give you my 3 Biggest Secrets to making money.

Here’s my offer:
8 Webinars
How to make Money in the Offline market, and lot’s of it!

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