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WSO - BackLink Exposed

WSO – BackLink Exposed

Introducing BackLink Exposed…

I don’t need to tell any of you how important getting backlinks to your sites is. You have heard it a million times before. Getting links is the most important aspect of grabbing uber amounts of search engine traffic.

Instead of fighting it you need to position yourself in the top 3 listings. The best way to do this is get as many high PageRank backlinks as possible.

There are already a few great backlink products being sold here on the Warrior Forum. You may be asking yourself:

How is my product different?

I am glad you asked this. I saw a lot of the products being offered and challenged myself to “1-UP” these products. This isn’t a bad thing. I am just competitive by nature and set off to make the last backlink package any of you will ever need at a ridiculous price.

If you are already subscribed to these other backlink services, then that is great. By adding my product to your arsenal you will be able to truly dominate the search engine rankings and put your sites in that “red hot spot”!

For the person who is totally new and lost:

How does almost 2.5 hours of video tips, tricks, and tutorials sound?

These videos aren’t just for newbie marketers either. I laid out everything I have ever learned about backlinks. I show you the:

* What
* Where
* When
* Why
* and How of Link Building

These videos are unscripted and uncut. I may have gone a little nuts giving away this much information. But, this is great news for you.

If the videos aren’t enough to spark your interest how about this…

I included PDF files containing the top:

* Website Directories
* Article Directories
* Social Networking Sites
* Social Bookmarking Sites
* RSS Directories
* and Free Press Release Sites

Not enough for you?

How about a “totally free” method to automate your RSS directory submissions. Using this free powerful tool you can plug in your sites (after initial setup) and never worry about buggy RSS directory submission tools again.

Still not enough?

How about a way to get almost unlimited backlinks to your physical products (great for affiliate marketers not in the internet marketing niche). Not only will you get backlinks, but this little trick will more then likely bring in you sales on autopilot utilizing someone else\’s traffic for your benefit. The best part is, this is super simple and quick!

Alright, I have to be getting close here…

How about this? Do you find yourself not having enough backlinks to go around in the other packages you subscribe to? Are you worried that the spammers are getting the same links and devaluing them? I show you the exact methods on how to easily find your own high PR, do follow backlinks. The beautiful thing about this method is these links are “your own”. You don’t have to share them with anyone else. This process is easier then you think. I cover all different kinds of forums, blogs, bookmarking, and social sites and how to find them.

I told myself I really wanted to over deliver with this product and make it the last backlink product you have to buy. How about a nice fat bonus?

I give you 100 high PR Do Follow sites (average site is a PR 5) that you can add as many do follow links. I made a nice little list for you and gave you a video walk through of what you need to do. Not only are these trusted domains with high PageRank, they encourage you to add your links and content. This alone, is worth triple the price I am charging for this product.

I didn’t want to offer too many of these sites because I never want this product to be devalued in any way. I simply included these to give you a nice head-start. The real power of this product is all the other ways I show you to easily find unlimited backlinks and keep them for yourself. You will never have to rely on anyone else again!
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