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WSO – E. Brian Rose – Google News Untapped Source for High Value Traffic

WSO – E. Brian Rose – Google News Untapped Source for High Value Traffic

This is the EXACT Same Course that Sold for $497.00!
Get listed on the front page of Google search results for the highest paying keywords out there!


Dear Warriors:

For years, I spent hours a day working on the typical search engine optimization (SEO) methods. I spent hours and hours creating backlinks, creating blogs that linked to my landing pages, etc., etc. Then, I started wondering about the News Results that appeared on the front page of Google search engine results. I wondered how I could become one of those sites.

I searched high and low to find information about becoming a Google News Source site, but only found the list of requirements that Google puts out. Some bloggers mentioned the process a little, but nobody got into detail about it. I had a newsy looking site that had been around for years. I applied for it to become a Google News site and it was denied. I created a few more sites and they were all denied as well.

The reason that everybody is so hush hush about Google News is because it is a gold mine that people want to keep to themselves.

Take a look at the image below This is the first result page on Google for the keyword “foreclosures”. This keyword is highly competitive. AdWords advertisers pay up to $10 a click for top placement in the sponsored listings section. Being listed on the front page with an organic listing is like winning the lottery, something you will most likely never accomplish.


Notice what is just below the sponsored listings and above the organic listing: News Results! Other advertisers pay up to $20 a click for that keyword, but is is no cost at all for Google News Source Sites! You can now say forget it to AdWords!

This guide is NOT a guide to show you how to get one press release in Google News… This guide will show you how to create a site from scratch that will have EVERY ARTICLE YOU PUBLISH ON YOUR SITE OR BLOG INDEXED IN GOOGLE NEWS!

News results can appear anywhere on the search results page. Google users can also get News Results by clicking on the “News” link that appears at the top left of every page of Google. Google News is accessed by over 30 million people a day, making it the number one news aggregator in the world.

There are only about 20,000 websites that are official Google News Source Sites. That may sound like a big number, but consider the fact that most webmasters are fighting for ranking in the regular search engine results against almost a billion other sites and 20,000 doesn’t seem so big anymore. Also, consider that 30 million people are looking for news from only 20,000 news providers!

After two or three years of trying, I have now cracked the code to getting my sites approved by Google News. Since my breakthrough site, every site that I have applied for inclusion has been approved!

This is the blueprint that I used to get sites into
Google News – again and again!
I’m not talking about getting a single article into Google News, I’m talking about your website becoming a Google News Source. That means every time you publish an article on your site it gets included into Google News within minutes!

* I’m going to show you how you can have a site that does the same thing in just a few days!
* I’m also going to show you how to use Google News to make a killing with AdSense Ads, Affiliate Sales, and More!
HOW ABOUT $200 TO $500 A DAY?
No Experience is Needed to Accomplish the Same Results that You Saw in My Videos!
The Lessons and Content Keep Coming!

My original WSO was a simple PDF, but it did wonders for those that bought it. I wrote a second book and had planned on releasing it as a PDF eBook as well, but it kept getting larger and larger. Add in the fact that I was producing videos, conference calls and more!

One of my students suggested making my course a monthly online course, or membership course, and that is what I did! It is set up like a college course schedule. In addition to the already prepared lessons, I am adding new material all the time. There are webinars, conference calls, videos, and personal coaching!

The first month alone, which you get instant access to for just $29, contains everything that was in the original $29 ebook plus a lot more. You could stop your membership right there and still come away with everything you need to know to get started!

For your subscription, each month after the initial, you will receive more and more lessons that contain advanced monetization techniques, advanced traffic driving techniques, and more.

Did I mention that the support forum is second to none? I challenge you to find a private forum anywhere else that is so laser targeted to the topic of Google News! I’m willing to bet that you cannot!
Here’s what you get right now…

* My step by step initial course that will walk you through the simple process of getting up and running. You can be achieving the same results as my videos in just a few days!

* Instant access to ongoing training courses that continuously teach the latest money making strategies for your site. I am constantly adding more and more content that grows with you. Never get stale mated again!

* Instant access to our exclusive support forum where you will get expert advice, tips, and help from my staff, fellow purchasers of the course and me personally!

* Exclusive invitations to teleconference calls and webinars where I teach you how to make the most money and the most traffic from your site!

Here’s what you get In the next few days…

* How to maximize profits with content that pays top dollar!
* How to modify your AdSense Ads so they pay higher!
* How to get other people to write your content for you for FREE!

And then…

* Introduction to Advanced Monetization Methods
* Profiting with Banner Ads
* Affiliate Marketing Techniques for Your Google News Site
* List Building with Your Google News Site
* In Text Advertising to Increase Your CPM
* Selling Featured News Articles
* Profiting from Press Release Distribution Services
* Traffic Tips for Getting on Google’s Front Page (with pic)
* Introduction to the Revenue Share Model – Set Your Site to Auto-Pilot
* Plus ongoing new lessons, tips, and tricks!

This is not a simple eBook that leaves you to fend for yourself. It is an online marketing experience that you will continuously learn and profit from!

As a VIP Member of Google Red Carpet, you will have instant access to the peer to peer support forums, which contain OVER 5,000 ON TARGET POSTS to help you.

You get instant access to everything you need to get a Google News Site up and running!
The Membership Fee for My Step by Step Course is regularly $497, but the

You get instant access to everything you need to get a Google News Site up and running!
The Membership Fee for My Step by Step Course is regularly $497, but the
Special WSO entry fee is just…

[b][color=red]Purchase premium accounts in order to enjoy unlimited downloads with resuming support
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