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WSO GB Feb – Alyona Frendo – Press Release Traffic Booster

WSO GB Feb – Alyona Frendo – Press Release Traffic Booster


Using press releases, and distributing them online, has been a well-used tactic for supporting online communications for some time now, supporting content publishing, as well as allowing exposure on a range of specialist and niche online publications. Recently the immediate benefits of PR publishing have started to become evident for search engine optimisation and traffic generation purposes.

Alyona Frendo has been quick to realise the potential for sharing this information with fellow public relations colleagues and internet marketers alike.
Hi Alyona. Can you tell me how long have you been doing business on the internet for?

I have been in internet marketing for the last 6 years, however I left my day job 4 years ago and started working only as an ‘internet marketer’ since then.

Why the internet as a channel for your business?

I have always been into publicity as my full time job. Publicity is related a lot to marketing and I found it very easy to start in internet marketing because the internet allows you to start from an absolute zero. You don’t need to invest much to start in internet marketing, whilst in reality to start an offline business you have to invest a considerable sum of money.
Do you work full-time as an internet marketer?

I work full time as an internet marketer, however on the side I also run ‘real-life’ publicity campaigns for a small group of clients, but I consider the publicity area as my part time.

You created and sell Press Release Traffic Booster which is an ebook which explains how distributing press releases can help Google rankings.

Do press releases have special features that make them more attractive to Google?

The answer is a definitive YES. Let me elaborate on this. Google loves press releases because of their news value and press release websites (where you publish your press releases) normally have a high pagerank therefore the backlinks you get from press releases are much higher than the normal article marketing which everyone is doing. Press releases are also featured on Google News which is an extra source of laser targeted traffic!
Does your system allow the press releases themselves to appear in the search results and to rank highly or do the press releases link to pages which then appear in the search results?

The system I outline in the ebook helps people do some ‘free’ publicity for their website. The press release itself will eventually get on top of Google and Google News, whilst the backlinks you get from the press release will also help your own website to climb the search engine results this will have a domino effect where you will get an ever increasing amount of laser targeted traffic. Such traffic will result in more profits for the internet marketer!
Can you give me some examples of how you have seen press releases rank in the search results?

Using the special strategies I outline in the ebook, I have had clients who wrote press releases which are still on top of Google itself for highly competitive keywords even after years of them being published.
Can distributing press releases help generate back links to my site?

Definitely. Apart from the backlinks generated from the press release itself you will also get some good backlinks from third party sites that republish your press release. I have had also instances where interesting press releases have been published on magazines and newspapers. The traffic you can get from such exposure is phenomenal.
Does your system work with the main Google search results or with Google News search results?
Both. The press release will be published on Google News within hours, if you follow the guidelines in the ebook and will be published on Google itself within a day and the impressive thing is that it will start climbing steadily to settle in the first page for even the most competitive of keywords!
Do you need to be a PR person with established contacts in your industry or can the system work for a person with no PR experience?
The ebook is intended for anyone, even new incomers to the scene. The ebook has easy to follow guides with templates. Anyone could be rolling his first press release without any difficulty after reading the ebook.
I’d like to talk to you about how you market Press Release Traffic Booster.

How long has your ebook been around?

The ebook has been around for 2 years and I can say that it’s a best seller. Around 75% of my total income from internet marketing has been from the sales of this ebook.
Why did you decide to create this type of ebook? What kind of research did you do to establish demand?

I had some good ideas in mind for a new ebook, but was unsure which one would be the most successful, so I decided to send out surveys to people who had purchased from me years ago and asked them to choose which one of these ideas would work best for them. I threw in some freebies and some prizes to people who respond so the amount of people who replied was actually overwhelming. I noticed a pattern of people wanting to read and learn about how to do free publicity using press releases and so I decided to write Press Release Traffic Booster.

Do you sell the ebook to PR people or to internet marketers who want to harness the potential of your system?
I sell to both actually. PR people buy it so they can understand the difference between a real life press release and an online press release, because there are some major differences whilst internet marketers purchase because they want to learn how to harness the power of press releases since most online internet marketers only do article marketing and backlink building which is much less effective than press releases.

How have you marketed Press Release Traffic Booster?

I marketed the ebook to my customer list and via joint ventures. I am now going to launch a high paying affiliate program which will probably pay a 75% commission!!! I am so convinced that affiliates will make me even more profits that I am willing to pay them such an exorbitant amount!

Any other techniques to create buzz?

I want my ebook to go viral therefore I am planning to create some videos and facebook campaigns this year.

Is there anything you would do differently to market another product? Have you launched any other products since?

I am thinking about launching another product later this year. However the success of this ebook was so great that I couldn’t really focus on anything else. I will follow the same formula I used for Press Release Traffic Booster so I will ask the people on my list to just let me know what the best idea in their opinion is for an ebook!
As a special offer, you can currently purchase the ebook for just $15 instead of the usual $49.
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