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WSO GB Feb – Bryan Kumar – Offline Profits Revealed

WSO GB Feb – Bryan Kumar – Offline Profits Revealed



YES… it can be very easy to make money offline, from the businesses in your local area (or any area you decide to choose)…

BUT… there’s a missing piece that no one is telling you about. And that is making it almost impossible for anyone to make any real money offline.

Okay…enough is enough… it’s time you heard this…

For the past few years, I’ve heard lots of half-truths, outright lies, and just plain “fiction” about how easy it is to make a “fortune” by marketing to offline businesses.

I’m guessing you’ve heard it too. You may have seen (or even bought) a bunch of products that promised easy riches by approaching offline businesses.

Well…did any of them work for you? Are you now making thousands per month from those so-called “quick and easy” techniques?

Have any of those deals turned into residual, or even passive, monthly incomes yet?

Are you “living the dream” as they say?

If not, you’re not alone. Almost everyone who buys most of those products are still where they were. In fact, they’re worse off because they’ve wasted lots of time, energy and money trying to make the ‘offline’ thing work.

(Don’t get me wrong…there are a handful of packages out there that are worth the money. But, you have to sift through dozens of bad ones to get to the few good ones.)

I have several marketer friends, many of them Warriors, who have bought and tried most of these ‘offline profits n riches’ type products. None of them have delivered what they promised. And these are smart Warriors who have done considerably well marketing Online.

Well, okay, a few of them made some money offline, here and there. And maybe you can too — IF you’ve got the time and energy to approach hundreds of prospects. (Heck, you might as well get another j.o.b. if you’re going to work that hard anyway.)

But you won’t make any real money, nothing substantial that could actually change the quality of your life. Not by following most of those ‘offline riches’ type products anyway, that’s for sure.
Wanna know why?

Because most of the people selling these packages to you have never made a penny offline themselves. They have never owned a real business. They have no idea what really happens when you actually try to sell to a customer face to face. (If you think writing an online sales letter is hard, try convincing a person face-to-face! Where you get NO second chances or re-takes.)

Most of these product creators are either selling you rehashed junk they picked up elsewhere OR they’re making it up as they go along. Stuff that they “think” will work. In other words, pure fiction! — being sold as “how to” products and business-building advice.

(But that’s not all… most of those products are missing one MAJOR piece of the puzzle.)
Want me to prove it to you?

Okay, let’s pretend for a minute that you’re the smart online marketer and I’m the offline business owner.

You say to me, “Hey Bryan, I can put your business on the Internet, on the first page of Google so you’ll get a LOT of new customers!”

Wanna know what MY first question to you will be?

“Well, smart online marketer… if you’re so good at this marketing and web stuff, why are you out here chasing after new business one at a time?

Why don’t you rank Yourself on Google and get thousands of clients for Yourself?”

Do you have a convincing answer to that?

Hey, you can’t blame the business owner for asking that question right? It’s perfectly valid.

And if he doesn’t ask you that, you can bet that he’s at least thinking about it.

If you’ve studied sales at all, you already know that it’s the “unanswered questions” that kill most sales and stop most deals from happening.


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