Conversion XL – Value $2000

WSO GB March – Justin Brooke – Instant Traffic Firehose – CPV Bully Video

WSO GB March – Justin Brooke – Instant Traffic Firehose – CPV Bully Video

“343 Visitors Per Hour For Only $3.43!”

“You’re About to Learn The Secret To Stealing As Much Traffic
As You Want – LEGALLY & ETHICALLY – For Just $0.01 Per Visitor”


This is a method of traffic generation, so hot and so powerful, that until recently it was kept a secret by millionaire level affiliate marketers. Why would they keep it a secret?

First let me tell you what this ain’t…

It’s not PPC, articles, SEO, forums, ezines, or media buys…

And it’s not traffic exchanges, banner exchanges, or anything else that I would consider crap traffic that doesn’t convert.

The reason they’ve kept it a secret for so long is because…

This is EXTREMELY TARGETED traffic, so targeted that you can literally steal traffic right from your biggest competitors websites – LEGALLY & ETHICALLY

Have a weight loss product? EASY, just steal the traffic from “Fat Loss For Idiots” and steal all their affiliates traffic while you’re at it!

Have a Twitter product? EASY, just steal as much traffic as you want from Twitter and every other Twitter app’s website!

The traffic you can get and the places to get it are infinite, but that’s not even the best part…

With this method you can spend $60 – $100 and test 5,000 keywords plus 50 offers overnight. You’ll wake up in the morning, check your account, and know without a doubt what are the best keywords and what are the best converting offers.

Then the next day you can take your best keywords and best offer and scale it out to every traffic network you can find for what would look like an instant 6 figure business or more.

You are buying the golden data of what converts and what doesn’t!!!

Sam, a friend of mine, who owns found some keywords and an offer that when mixed together create $40 every time he spends $3…

Did you catch that…

He makes $40 every time he spends $3!

When you find a group of keywords and an offer that create that kind of return on investment, you write a blank check to the traffic network.

But there is some bad news…

If you wait too long to get in on this traffic then it’ll be just like Adwords – EXPENSIVE!

When PPC first started the click costs were dirt cheap and there were no rules. THAT’S WHAT WE’RE GETTING RIGHT NOW! It’s the wild wild west days of this traffic and fortunes are being made.

The click costs RIGHT NOW are dirt cheap and there are practically no rules!

Obviously, If you wait to get in on this traffic then you’ll miss out on the glory days. That’s why it’s urgent that you get my video that teaches this traffic method.

Get The Video That Teaches This Secret Traffic Method…

Here’s What You’ll Learn In My Video:

* What This Secret Traffic Method Is

* Where To Get As Much Of This Traffic As You Want For $0.01 each

* The Best Tips & Tricks For This Traffic

* Where To Get Low Cost Tools For This Kind Of Traffic – Even FREE!

* How To Use This Traffic As An Affiliate

* How to Use This Traffic As A Product Owner

* How To Use This Traffic As A Blogger

* How To Use This Traffic For Everyone Else

Who Can Use This Kind of Traffic?

* Email Marketers for freakishly FAST listbuilding

* CPA affiliates for finding out what offers work or not OVERNIGHT

* Website Flippers for fast traffic to get those BIG flips

* Clickbank sellers who want to build MASSIVE affiliate armies so their GRAVITY SCORE SKYROCKETS

* Clickbank affiliates who want to build niche lists on autopilot so their autoresponder series can pump out sale after sale

* Offline businesses who want to generate fresh hot leads online for cheap

* Bloggers who want to accelerate their RSS subscriber count

* Adsense publishers who want to see their Google checks get bigger

How Much Is This Going To Cost Me

Well, the guru’s would rake you over the coals for this kind of information. One of them already is, he’s charging the usual “guru special of $997” for this same info.

Another is charging $197 and another is charging $97….

I put my finger in the air to the guru’s and put my price tag at only $27. Unlike them I don’t make 100% of my money from teaching.

My biggest and EASIEST paychecks come from doing what I teach.

Are There Any Bonuses?

YES! When you buy today you’ll also get the MP3 of me interviewing my buddy Sam from who is getting $40 every time he spends $3 – Learn how he does it!

Obviously, I’m not going to retire off an $27 WSO video… My “real” money is made doing what I teach and clients pay me A LOT of money to do it for them.

So if you don’t buy it doesn’t really take any food off my table. However, if you are still struggling to get that elusive “six figure income” then traffic is something you are going to need a lot of!

P.S. Most people teaching this traffic technique are affiliates for the big network where all the traffic comes from. So they tell you that you need $200 to get started…

SCREW THE GURU’s I know a network that will let you start for just $20!

P.P.S. And of course the guru’s are affiliates for all the big expensive tools for this kind of traffic… even have their own for hundreds of dollars.

I found GREAT tools for under $50 that will make your life super easy and help you get thousands of extra visitors per day.
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