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WSO GB May – Carl Ringwall – Backlink Index Express

WSO GB May – Carl Ringwall – Backlink Index Express

I really love SENuke and it really is an awesome link-building tool. It’s fast, automated and pretty simple to use. However, I’ve found that many of the links you create with SENuke won’t get indexed without a little bit of help. If your links aren’t being indexed, then they aren’t helping you improve your rankings. I’ve searched long and hard for the best backlink indexing tool and I’ve finally found one that I really like. In this Backlink Index Express review, I’m going to show you how this amazing script works, and why it’s so effective.
Backlink Index Express (BIE) is a php script created by Carl Ringwall that you install on your own webserver. I’m using version 5, which works a little differently from previous versions. At a high-level, Backlink Index Express allows you to feed in a list of unindexed links and it will automatically backlink these links on a variety of web 2.0 sites to get them indexed. It does require a little bit of setup effort, but once you get it going, it works quite well at getting your backlinks indexed.

The magic behind BIE v5 is the social blogging platform, Posterous. Posterous basically allows you to auto post content via email to a variety of popular social sites like Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and more. To start using Backlink Index Express, you first need to create accounts at all the sites you want to post to. Carl recommends creating accounts on at least these sites:

If you own SENuke, you can create many of those accounts automatically with it. Otherwise, just create them by hand. It should only take you about 30 minutes or so. You can also add in your own WordPress autoblogs if you want for more indexing power.

Once the accounts are created, you then have to configure some of the files in the BIE installation and then upload everything to your webserver. I encourage you to watch the excellent training video so everything is setup correctly. Finally you need to setup a cron job to execute the Backlink Index Express script every 10 minutes on your webserver and then upload a list of unindexed urls in the control panel.

Every 10 minutes, the BIE script executes and it will take one of your unindexed urls and post it to each of the above social properties via Posterous. So if you have added 7 sites to your Posterous account, you will get 8 links total pointing to each unindexed link. The content of each post is a paragraph taken from an EzineArticles RSS feed (which you can configure) and the link is embedded in the bottom of the post. Backlink Index Express will then create an RSS feed for all the links it has posted and ping that feed as well. Once the script is running, all you have to do is keep feeding it unindexed links and it will continue to process them. Basically you’ve created your very own backlinking engine.

So what about results? In my experience with Backlink Index Express, I seem to be getting a 40-50% index rate after 24 hours. I’m quite happy with that and any links that are still unindexed I just feed back into the system. To further improve your indexing rate, make sure to take the RSS feeds from all the social properties and RSS Nuke them with SENuke. That seems to help quite a bit. Another thing you can try is to have multiple installs of Backlink Index Express on your server or servers. This also will boost your indexing rate.

If you use SENuke or any other link building solution that provides you a list of links that it builds, then check out Backlink Index Express as a way to get all of these links indexed. The script is only $37, which is incredibly cheap for the valuable service it provides. There’s also a 30 day money back guarantee so give it a shot and test it out for yourself.

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