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WSO – Gina Gray – Pizza Money Blueprint

WSO – Gina Gray – Pizza Money Blueprint

If YOU are looking for a step by step that will easily allow you to earn $11,000+ per month every month. Then I urge you to read the rest of this letter. I also have outsourced this entire system to others, while I sat back and relaxed, while they made me 1000’s per week to stay home and play with my dogs and kids!

I am 100% sure when you get your Pizza Biz Complete Course, today and implement it, you will indeed start to collect checks as easy as I did. So read on…

If You’re Struggling Right Now
This Is Your Answer

Kindly read through this whole page before you make any decisions. Like you probably have I have bought many home based business opportunities online and get rich quick schemes. Most of course were just that schemes. So lost money. However some of them had I actually implemented instead of just saying, “heck no this won’t work they just might have.” But I was quick to dismiss it.

It’s truly a shame when people buy the dream course and do nothing with it. I feel if more people at least tried some of the course directions than it might have worked out and they could be living financially stress free. Unfortunately some feel simply by buying the course they immediately will become rich.

Sorry it doesn’t work that way. Hey I wish it did. : )

Who should invest in the Pizza Money Complete Course?

This course is ideal for:

• Stay at home mom’s
• Stay at home dad’s
• College students
• Entrepreneurs’
• You, if you need extra cash or are looking for a new career
• Anyone else who already sells professional services (especially web-related) to businesses.

This kit is not so good for:

• People who have no people skills
• People who have no management skills


For only a low one-time $147 investment you can earn up to $5,180 or more weekly with this Home-Based Business

It’s time you clear through the BS and finally become a success story

If you have a tiny bit of ambition and a desire to see this through Pizza Money Complete Course and can help you get out of debt, or just have that extra cash you have always wished you had. If you can read a step by step blueprint then there is no reason you can’t either do it yourself or outsource this project out and still make a lot of money.

Nothing in life is free. Some people have to work the 9-5 day jobs to bring home a paycheck. Some people actually put in the work to have their own business and have financial freedom. It takes work it always does. However with the right system and step by step action plan that’s that’s been proven to work, will get you what you want!

I have been in the Offline Consulting Business for about 4 years now and I offer several services to advance local businesses marketing online. I have a very successful business it affords me to live the life and schedule I want.

I also own and run a forum for those interested in learning about offering services to local businesses. About 6 months ago a member in my forum mentioned a service involving local businesses that can generate new business for local businesses while helping you make QUICK, EXTRA CASH!

I decided to not only unleash several of my sales people on this opportunity but I also tried it myself.

You can see these same results like I did ($5,180) of profit

I wanted to demonstrate to my sales staff that not only can they do this but HOW to do it successfully.

So I set out to do it on my own. I made exactly $5,180 in profit in two weeks. I attacked this new venture with my customary enthusiasm including driving my truck, sitting at my desk and eating lunch at McD’s of course (My favorite). I put in just 22 hours that’s it. Go ahead do the math that’s $235.45 an hour. Ok, I was convinced this does work.

The Following Secrets Will be Revealed In My Course

Pizza Money SECRETS…

How to collect checks in 5-10 minutes from local businesses
What to say to get checks TODAY
Why you don’t need to learn anything technical to do this
How you could be the greenest newbie and still earn big bucks
Why anyone can do this, even if you’re a mom, dad, or a college student
How to make this a no limit income business
How this will help you build business credibility in your own home town
How this one business can lead to many other services you can offer and make tons of more cash
The agreements we use for the pizza restaurant and the advertisers to seal the deal
24 Hr forum support with the creator of the course and other members
The exact scripts we use for the telephone to set your appointments and in person sales
Zero guessing involved I’ve laid everything out in easy step-by-step follow me blueprint
Demos for you to use to show advertisers to get you started today
Proven high converting emails that will have advertisers salivating over the offer
Access to our printers or others online to save you buckets of money
A full 27 pages of Step-By-Step easy to read and follow instructions are packed into this report. You will learn every tip, tool and strategy to mastering the pizza box advertising business.
What Does Pizza Biz Complete Course Contain?


The Blueprint

The Step-By- Step Blueprint is 24 pages of pure step-by-step complete instructions for you to get started immediately. The blueprint is divided into 8 chapters, each designed to walk you through every step of Pizza Box Money which will guide you towards being successful in this business.


Chapters such as:
• Getting the Pizza Restaurants
• How to Contact Merchants
• Getting Paid
• Outsourcing
• Completion and Delivery

The Documents

The documents included contain 3 ready-to-use business documents, categorized into the following sections:


• Advertisers agreement
• Pizza shop agreement
• Independent Contractor/ Non-Compete form
• Two actual demos
• Rebuttal’s and Objections


We will ship you the entire course on CD and a bound copy of the Pizza Money Blueprint to your door.

CD-ROM: Document Library


You’ll also receive a CD-ROM containing all the electronic versions of all the business documents listed above. These are ready to use — just modify to add your own logo and company name.

If you’re a entrepreneur or you wish to become one, Pizza Biz Complete Course will show you how to get started, and how to increase your closing rate and leverage yourself to boost your income.

If you already own a business in the offline business area or work closely with businesses and you’re looking to take it to the next level, Pizza Money Complete Course will give you a new perspective on how to do increase your income.

How do I order the Pizza Biz Complete Course?

You can order it here. The complete course is priced at just $147.00. If you successfully get just one advertiser out of the 12 we recommend you’ll recoup your investment and still profit with the remainder 11 ads.

* We’re currently offering FREE SHIPPING worldwide for a limited time.

So you’ll get the complete course in digital form and a CD and blueprint delivered to your doorstep for no extra charge. This offer is ONLY for the next 500 orders.

Here are your instructions.

Order the Pizza Biz Complete Course
Open Up Your Package
Read The Blueprint
Stop In The Members Area Grab A Quick Tip
Slap the Demo On A Pizza Box
Take The Agreements With You
Make Money

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