WSO – Maria Gudelis – Offline Money Mindmap

WSO – Maria Gudelis – Offline Money Mindmap

Dear Offline Consultant,

My name is Maria Gudelis and I’ve made over 100,000+ in two months with offline consulting. And hilariously enough, I did it wrong.

My mistake (and your big gain) was going after “big fish” – offline businesses that would pay up to $50,000 to get them online and dominating google. In fact, I figured my $5,000 “entry level” option was good enough.

Little did I know the real money was in doing these little $500 “online marketing blueprints” for prospective clients.
$500 Is Better Than $50,000?

Actually, yes.

See – few offline clients are willing to pony up the big bucks right away. They need to trust you first. And that’s what this little $500 consultation with you does…

In reality, you’re basically getting paid $500 to make a “sales presentation”… which usually results in further… much bigger investments.

Plus the best part of this is – anyone can do this. It’s simple. All you do is walk them through the money “mind map” I give you – and they’ll be begging to pay you money to help their offline business.
So you’ll get a check like this for the initial consultation…

And then you can “upsell” your client…

To monthly recurring payments!

Here’s just 2 months of RECURRING payments
from ONE client alone!
When you get your hands on this training…

Not only will you get three videos walking you step by step through the process of getting $5,000 checks now…
But you’ll also get the exact offline money mindmap you’ll use on offline clients.
You’ll get all this:


– Sure-Fire Way to Start Getting $5000 Checks Now

– 3 Power Packed Videos Walking You Thru Step-by-Step How to Maximize your Offline Profits!

– How To Cash In On the Whole Thing.

– You’ll Learn About Strategies to Bring In Incredible Cash!

And much more!
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