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Yahoo Answer Traffic

Yahoo Answer Traffic

Yahoo Answers is a bustling question and answers community. Members may pose questions or answer questions asked by other members. It is a popular and successful platform. It has survived the challenges posed by other such communities, particularly Google Answers! Here, in this concise article, I will share with you some effective tips that’ll help you get blog traffic from Yahoo Answers.

Just focusing on organic traffic would be foolishness. That is because SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies changes from time to time. The factors helping you to rank high now may take a beating in the next algorithm update! Just take a look at the blogs, which suffered huge traffic loss post Google’s algorithm updates in the recent times.

Thus, it makes sense to focus some effort towards building up sources of referral traffic. When talking about referral traffic, the first thing that comes to our mind is- Social Networking sites. This is followed by other sources namely- social bookmarking, forums, communities etc.


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