Yahoo Case Study Final

Yahoo Case Study Final

Hisham BinSefrah

Mubarak Al Wesmi
Mariam Al Hosany
Nisrin Al Moslie
Benefits of the advertising business model
Limitation of the advertising business model
Yahoo rapid success
Unique features of yahoo
Comparison between yahoo and traditional businesses
Yahoo Business model, & how is it different with Google’s
Benefits of the advertising Business Model
Yahoo has parlayed advertising dollars into profitability
Advertising revenue can be used to cover the costs of the service
The value of advertising business model is in its unique and easy categorization of all pages and subjects
Limitation of the advertising business model:
They failed to check what kind of ads worked online.
Consequently, immediate success prevents them from developing other important aspects of e-business.
Yahoo’ worked on cutting costs, and quite often the dollars earmarked for online advertising were the most vulnerable to cuts. Eventually, the firm recognized that it needed to reduce its reliance on advertising
Yahoo rapid success
Yahoorelies on advertising to make money
grab user’ attention to the site
Yahoo offers various services
features that distinct yahoo
Original and unique content
Pages designed primarily to meet humans’ need, with search engine considerations a secondary concern.
Good web design in general
Comparison between yahoo and traditional businesses
Yahoo and print publication
Yahoo and radio broadcasting
Yahoo and Television broadcasting
Yahoo Business model
Yahoo’s business model differs from Google’s business model in several ways.
Yahoo provides diverse products and services that fall within the future four pillars:
share and gather information.
These pillars are the upcoming generation.
It will help the users connect, communicate, interact, share and gather information.
Components of Yahoo’s Business Model
The core components are:
Search and Marketplace
Content is accessible
Includes latest news, entertainment, and sports information and they operate from the web portal
Search and Marketplace: Locate and display
Community empower users
Personalization: How, When, and Where
Difference to Google business model
Google’s business model is advertising.
Any market that attracts advertising is a target for Google.
Google’s business model is that Advertisers are the customers.
Google improve their product by improving you as an advertiser.
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