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Yanik Silver - Ultimate Internet Copywriting Seminar

Yanik Silver – Ultimate Internet Copywriting Seminar

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“Now You Can Instantly (At least) Double The Pulling Power of Any Ad, Email, Web Site or Sales Letter” Sneak Away With Every Single Trick, Tactic, Formula, Shortcut, Strategy and Jealously-Guarded Secret The Internet’s #1 Most-Celebrated Copywriter Uses to Create Huge Piles Of Cash At Will.
Topics Covered:
* The super ‘Top-Secret’ copy formula that helped me earn $43,668.73 in 24-hours. and. over six-figures in four days from a tiny list of only 4,200 people! You’ll get my entire formula broken down to reveal how to create an avalanche of response and set up a big giant windfall for yourself online..anytime you want!

* When you should use short email copy and when you absolutely should not.

* 13 different PROOF elements you need to have on your website or you’re sunk. Miss just 1 or 2 and your results will dramatically drop.

* The “s. mouse” technique created over 40 years ago but nobody’s using it. (This single email brought in a huge surge of attendees for a recent live event I did.)

* 3 different, no-brainer follow-up emails your customers and opt-ins will appreciate receiving and not be ticked off about. (If you’re not using follow-up emails like I’ll teach you’re missing out on 25%-65% additional business that’s slipping through the cracks.)

* How to find out the absolute best days to send email out to your list. You’ll see a 20% – 30% drop if you don’t hit send on the right days.

* How to steal as many “copy nuggets” as you want in just minutes online. I use this shortcut frequently to “talk” like the marketplace even if I’m not “one of them”.

* 9 stages of copy editing and polishing. Our first drafts might appear similar but after the editing is done my way you’ll see a dramatic difference. (In fact, one full manual is devoted only to the entire editing process! You’ll get 5 different examples of sales letters from my Apprentices and you’ll get to see how their work progressed through the editing stages with my guidance of each draft.)

* Don’t re-invent the wheel. Here’s how to find and use the phrases and power words your competitors have already dearly paid for and tested in your own promotions. Perfect for Pay-per-click search engines!

* The single sneaky word that a Harvard psychologist discovered as an ‘under the radar’ trigger to persuasion. (Hint: It’s not ‘free’ or ‘you’.) In fact, this works so well I try to incorporate it into almost EVERY single promotion I ever do.

* What to do if your copy bombs!

* What a “snapper” is and how to use it at the end of your next sales letter for a double-whammy!

* Why and how you can “sell” free downloads, ebooks and newsletter subscriptions. (Yep, you definitely need to sell the free stuff.)

* The tricky way to get people to tell you they’re interested in buying and then exactly how to engineer a wild stampede of response.

* How to create transitions so your readers will breeze through the entire sales letter without hitting any bumps on the road to their order.

* How to deal with ultra skeptical Internet surfers in order to reassure them and get them to happily open up their wallets.

* How the power of “lumpy” mail and “grabbers” can literally explode your profits. (My last direct mail letter using this secret pulled in $10 for every $1 spent).

* What is the real “thinking” behind an irresistible offer? This absolutely NEEDS to be done before one word of copy is even written.

* 7 best ways to create urgency and compel people to act now. This is where most amateurs totally blow it!

* The amazing trick that turns you into a world-class copywriter in less than 1 hour.

* The 8 different ways you should be using graphical elements and embellishments on your sales page.

* Want to know exactly how well your competitors offers are pulling? Here’s a quick way to getting the inside skinny on any competitor.

* Unlock 13 of the most powerful psychological ‘buttons” for making people order now not “think it over”.

* Finally, the real truth about using time-worn clichés in your sales copy.

* How to write home-run endorsements for other people’s products you sell for affiliate commissions. You can’t just send out the same garbage every other person is using.

* How to actually intimidate your prospect into buying. Sometimes playing hard to get works like gangbusters. This is like “The Rules” for copywriters instead of women looking for a husband.

* The little-known method of using anticipation to write email autoresponders.

* Discover the surprising secret for getting both kinds of prospects (readers and skimmers) to order and exactly how to write for each one inside your letter without annoying the other ones.

* The real way to recycle and “steal” from classic ads from 40, 50, 70 years ago or more. Yes, the principles still work today if you know the right way to transfer the big ideas.

* How to control the flow of leads and clicks. Turn the faucet wide open when you want it or screw it down tighter as you need to with these lead generation “amplifiers” or “diffusers”.

* Plus a whole lot more as together we unravel the inner secrets of email copywriting..Web copy..And even Offline copy that can conservatively double or triple your business! You’ll get the complete package because you can’t just do one or the other today if you want MAXIMUM profits!


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