Car Hacking Course By Sajawal Hacker

Car Hacking Course By Sajawal Hacker

They can hack into your phone if it is connected to your car and access your personal information. They can get access to your car’s key fob and open your car without your knowledge. They can send malicious messages or data to your phone or computer. They can control your windshield wipers and air conditioning.

  1. Introduction the course
  2. About authour
  3. Why Car Hacking
  4. Is Car hacking Legal Or illegal
  5. Existing Research About Car Hacking
  6. Intoduction to The CAN & ECU
  7. Open-Source toolkits for Car Hacking
  8. Which OS you nedd for car hacking
  9. Download and Install Kali Linux
  10. How to Install ICSIM
  11. how to Setup ICSIM
  12. How to Start ICSIM and Learn Some commends
  13. Capturing CAN Traffic with CanSniffer
  14. Playing around with the Signal Light
  15. Taking Over The Signal Light
  16. Taking Over Your Speedometer
  17. Taking Control Over Your Car Doors
  18. Unlocking cars Without car Key with hackrf
  19. Where we put Hardware tools to hack car
  20. Hack hacking with OBD2 Tool in Mobile
  21. How to start car without car key with OBD2 Scanner
  22. Simple replay attack with HackRF
  23. Using HackRF with Portapack on a RC Mouse
  24. transmitting voice with hackrf
  25. The Car Hacker’s Handbook_ A Guide for the Penetration Tester
  26. The Car Hacker’s Handbook_ A Guide for the Penetration Tester.pdf
  27. Tools
  28. Website

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