Dan Henry – Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs Course

Dan Henry - Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs Course

Dan Henry – Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs Course

Hey guys, it’s Jacob. I wanted to make a video that many people have been asking for, and this is a review of the Facebook ads for entrepreneurs training course by Dan Henry. We have gone through this course and looked at all the training, and we have put together this video review that goes into detail about what you get in this training course. I know there are many people out there who are interested, but the premium price may be prohibitive for some. So, I wanted to create a video that covers everything you will get in this training program, which we believe is great and worth the value. Let’s jump into it!

## Introduction ##

– Quick overview of what will be covered in the video

– General structure of the course

The Facebook ads for entrepreneurs course is essentially a training on how to build a Facebook ad agency and scale it to ten thousand dollars a month as fast as possible. This can involve running ads for clients in any industry, but Dan recommends businesses where it’s easier to get clients. He then goes on to cover the process, developing a bait, the funnel, variations of ads, and setting up the agency. The course also includes bonuses such as the pixel hero training and managing clients.

## The Crux of the Training ##

– Overview of what will be covered in the training

– Mindset training and the importance of taking action

– Value scale and how it applies to businesses

– Overview of Facebook ads and examples of different funnels

The first module in the training program is called The Bait. This section focuses on the importance of having bait to capture your audience’s attention and engage them with your ad. Dan discusses the purpose of bait, developing the correct headline, and pre-framing the lead before they enter the funnel. He provides examples and parameters for selecting the right type of bait.

Once you understand the concept of bait, you need to consider the type of funnel you will run for your clients. Dan talks about different variations of sales funnels, including the cheat sheet funnel, discount funnel, value video funnel, and webinar funnel. He also touches on installing the Facebook pixel and customizing conversions, which is covered in more detail in the bonus training, Pixel Hero.

The next component focuses on running Facebook ads. Dan provides an overview of the Facebook Ads dashboard, the best type of ads to run, copywriting tips, setting up retargeting, and split testing. He also emphasizes the importance of framing your dream customer and scaling up winning ads.

The following section covers running the agency and acquiring clients. Dan talks about choosing the right clients and provides strategies for acquiring clients, even if you have no experience. He explains the value ladder and how to communicate it to clients. He also discusses the curious student method for getting clients.

## Conclusion ##

– Recap of what was covered in the training

– Emphasis on the value and benefits of the course

In conclusion, the Facebook ads for entrepreneurs training course by Dan Henry provides comprehensive training on building a Facebook ad agency and scaling it to ten thousand dollars a month. The course covers topics such as developing bait, creating effective funnels, running Facebook ads, and acquiring clients. With the included bonuses and valuable insights, this course offers great value for those looking to start their own Facebook ad agency.

Table of Contents About dan henry facebook ads for entrepreneurs

4,000% Return… My Facebook Ad Strategy REVEALED!

Just received a message from my partner, Phil. We’ve achieved a 40x ROI on our Facebook ads, spending $1,000 and getting a return of $40,000. In this video, I’ll show you the exact ads and how to set them up for insanely cheap results. We’ve booked 32 sales calls from Facebook ads for a high-ticket product, costing only $26 each. And this isn’t from 2015, it’s just from yesterday. In fact, as I’m recording this a few days later, we’ve booked 50 calls for an average of $21 each. I’ll share the strategy with you in this video.

To achieve these results, you’ll need a high-converting opt-in page and a high-converting VSL, webinar, or case study page. But don’t worry if you don’t have those, I’ll provide you with a downloadable copy of my funnel that has generated over $10 million. And if you’re not good at creating VSLs or case studies, don’t worry, I’ll cover that in future videos. By the end of this training, you’ll have everything you need to fully book your sales calendar for your high-ticket offer.

When you have a fully booked sales calendar and need professional closers, head over to closeddeals.com and we’ll see if we can help you out. I’m here to help you grow into a successful online marketer.

Now, let’s dive into the details. Yesterday, we achieved 174 opt-ins at a cost of $4.75 each and booked 36 calls at $25 each for our $10,000 offer. Imagine booking high-ticket calls for just $25 from Facebook ads. Most people are paying much higher rates, but with the right strategy, you can achieve these results.

To get started, you need a great offer that people love. Our offer was about how to become a high-ticket coach and raise prices. The landing page is simple, with a headline and a button to opt in. After opting in, users are directed to a video sales letter or webinar page, where I explain the offer and make a pitch to book a call. I created seven different versions of this video to test which one performed the best. Once I found the winning version, I added the opt-in form to capture emails for follow-up.

To create your own landing page and VSL page, you can download my eight-figure high-ticket funnel for free. The link is in the description below.

Now, let’s move on to creating the Facebook ads. Start by creating a new campaign and select the conversions objective. Name the campaign as dummy for testing purposes. For the ad set, name it master ad set. Think of it as a car model with different variations. We’ll create multiple variations from this main angle.

For this example, we’ll use a direct pitch angle. Simply copy the headlines from your landing page and keep it simple. In another angle, you can teach something or expand on the offer. But for now, let’s stick to a direct pitch. Target your desired audience, such as fans of Russell Brunson and ClickFunnels in the United States, aged 25 to 45, and male.

Once you’ve set up your campaign and ad set, select your conversion event and pixel. This will optimize your ads for opt-ins. Set a daily budget of $20 and choose your target audience. Now, you’re ready to create your ads.

Remember to test different variations of your ads to find the best-performing one. You can create hundreds of ads from one simple idea. Once you’ve set up your ads, monitor their performance and adjust as needed.

And that’s it! With the right offer, a high-converting funnel, and strategic Facebook ads, you can achieve incredible results like ours. Don’t forget to download my high-ticket funnel for free using the link in the description. Good luck and happy marketing!

Facebook Ad Basics That Made Me Millions (Beginner Friendly)

– In 1960, the Green Bay Packers tragically lost the NFL Championship to the Philadelphia Eagles.

– Despite leading the game the entire time, the Packers were defeated in the final minutes.

– The players believed mastering advanced football tactics was the key to winning the championship.

Basic Football Fundamentals:

– Coach Vince Lombardi focused on teaching the basics and fundamentals.

– He treated the players as if they had never played football before.

– Lombardi’s approach was met with skepticism, but he knew what he was doing.

– Six months later, the Packers beat the Giants in the 1961 NFL championship.

Applying the Basics in Business:

– The importance of mastering the basics extends beyond football.

– In the author’s experience, keeping things simple led to success in Facebook ads.

– With $5 million spent on Facebook ads, the author generated $30 million in sales.

– Simple strategies can yield significant results.

Understanding Facebook Ads:

– Facebook ads consist of different components: page name, copy, image/video, and headline.

– The copy persuades viewers to click and directs them to a landing page.

– The landing page can be a webinar, VSL, or core content.

– Cold ads target new prospects to register for the webinar.

– Warm ads retarget those who have already registered and watched the webinar.

High-Ticket Funnels:

– High-ticket funnels follow a specific flow.

– Ads for new prospects lead them to the landing page to watch the core content.

– Follow-up ads help overcome objections and direct prospects to the application page.

– Booking a call is the ultimate goal of the funnel.

Different Approaches to Content:

– Content can be in the form of blog posts, videos, or case studies.

– The key is to include a call-to-action to book a call on every piece of content.

– This approach can be applied to different platforms, such as ClickFunnels or WordPress sites.

– Ultimately, the goal is to get prospects to book a call.

Simplicity is Key:

– Keeping things simple is crucial in any industry.

– Mastering the fundamentals is often the key to success.

– The ad platform structure consists of campaigns, ad sets, and ads.

– Understanding this structure is essential in setting up successful ads.

Facebook Ads Success Story

Hey guys, it’s Dan Henry here, your friendly neighborhood internet marketing guru. Today, I’m gonna share with you a story of Facebook marketing success, namely Facebook ads. And let me tell you, it’s my story. I’m the world’s best internet marketer, no doubt about it. In the last couple of years, I’ve had a lot of success with internet marketing. I’ve ranked a lot of websites highly on Google and made a lot of money. But I wanted to branch out. I wanted to invest in businesses that are not solely internet-based.

So, in the past year, I actually purchased two bars. One is more of a nightclub, and the other is a regular bar. Let me share with you the success I had on Facebook with the first bar and why I feel comfortable doing what I did with the second bar.

Now, a lot of people get scared about Facebook marketing because they don’t see an immediate return on investment. Let’s take the example of the first bar I opened. Every single piece of marketing I did for this bar was on Facebook. I used a Facebook page and Facebook ads to build up buzz. And you know what? It worked! On our opening night, we had 250 people show up. And that’s not all. I promoted tons of events since then, and the bar is always packed. Facebook marketing really does work.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. What about the ROI? Well, here’s the thing. I may have spent $100 on Facebook ads and only made $70 from customers who mentioned the special they saw on Facebook. But here’s the kicker. Those customers told their friends, who told their friends, and so on. Over time, I’ve established a crowd at this place. I have regulars who keep coming back, and it’s all thanks to Facebook marketing. So, if you look at the overall picture, the ROI is in the thousands.

I know you might be skeptical. How can I contribute all of this to Facebook? Well, let me tell you. Every single customer who walks through that door came because of Facebook, whether they saw the ad or heard about it from someone else. Facebook is all about creating buzz, and that’s what drives sales and a community of customers.

So, I bought a second bar recently, and it was dead when I first bought it. But in just two weeks, customers have been trickling in, all mentioning Facebook ads. Sure, I only made $40 today, but those customers might keep coming back, and others might come in tomorrow or the next day. It’s all about creating a revolving door of customers.

But here’s the thing. Your website and your establishment have to be awesome. You can’t just drag people in with awesome marketing and then disappoint them. Make your website and your bar or business awesome. That’s the key to success.

In summary, Facebook marketing does work. You can’t just look at metrics to measure its success. I feel comfortable spending money on Facebook ads and not getting an immediate ROI because I know it works in the long run. So, stick to your Facebook marketing, make your business awesome, and watch the customers come in. And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. I’m always here to help.

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