IELTS 7 Essays in 7 Sessions Course

IELTS 7 Essays in 7 Sessions Free course Download.

What you’ll learn

  • Master IELTS Writing without resorting to memorised word lists
  • Save time by studying effectively
  • Take the stress out of IELTS Essays with IELTS NAS Templates
  • Write an essay in under 40 minutes


  • This course has been designed for dynamic learners who want to score IELTS 7 or above without wasting time on memorising words that will never be used in the test.
  • Candidates for the IELTS NAS course should be B1 or above to maximise the benefits of this course


Master IELTS writing in 7 sessions with this definitive, quality online course. Designed and created by a test preparation specialist, it arms you with the tools and skills you need to score IELTS 7 in just 7 sessions. Get ahead of the pack and save time with this bespoke, quality-content course.

  • The course will show you how to approach any topic or question type in IELTS Writing Task 2
  • You will be coached and mentored on how to use your time wisely
  • The course will guide you on how to analyse and understand the task and the topic
  • You will master the art of arranging ideas logically
  • In this course, there are tips and strategies, as well as bespoke templates that will help you manage IELTS Task 2 time constraints calmly and effectively
  • If you would like to write Band 7 introductions and conclusions in 10 minutes, this is the course for you
  • Sign up and learn how to build dynamic, coherent and well-developed body paragraphs by focusing on main ideas, and the development thereof
  • This course is guaranteed to make you feel confident and self-assured about the IELTS writing exam

In this course, you get to finally understand what the examiner wants.

And at the end of the course, you will have the skills to deliver.

Who this course is for:

  • This dynamic and effective course has been created to assist dynamic and motivated candidates who want to score IELTS 7 for Essays F A S T
  • The course will teach you what the requirements are, the best strategies to WOW the examiner (memorising word lists NOT required) and will provide you with TEMPLATES that will help you write an essay in under 40 minutes!

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