Lukas Resheske – Copywriting Mentorship Program Course

Copywriting Mentorship Program

A 12 week intensive, small group copywriting program that takes teams and individuals through the fundamentals of persuasive copywriting.  This course requires full participation, communication, and hard work! 

New Email Masters Course

Email marketing is still one of the most ROI positive marketing activities a business can engage in, and Email Copywriters are needed all around the world.  This program is designed to teach my special methods of email copywriting AND show you methods to getting Email Copy Clients… even if you have no experience or prior clientele.

It’s a short but intense program.  There’s no fluff.  And the second half of the program contains “The Gauntlet”, the first ever email copy-specific sales training.  You’ll test your skills in a controlled environement and get direct feedback on how effective your client outreach is.

All graduates of New Email Masters qualify as Alumni, and thus can participate in client projects with me and receive referrals for Email Copy specific jobs.

The Freelancer Course

I’ve gone from a complete newbie at copywriting to one of the most respected copywriters and trainers… and this is how I did it.  The Freelancer Course is my exact strategies to getting High-End clients to actively reach out to YOU through social media and simple websites… rather than you chasing them or applying to jobs.

It’s also my exact strategies to grow a personal brand as a copywriter so that you get more opportunities, including partnership deals, business offers, and speaking/consulting requests.

If you’ve ever wondered how I did what I did, this is it.

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