NestJS Microservices: Build & Deploy a Scaleable Backend Course

NestJS Microservices: Build & Deploy a Scaleable Backend Course free download

NestJS Microservices: Build & Deploy a Scaleable Backend Course free download. Download NestJS Microservices: Build & Deploy a Scaleable Backend in one single click.

What you’ll learn

  • Build & deploy real NestJS microservices following best practices
  • Learn how to build a common library where common code can be shared amongst many applications
  • Connect NestJS microservices together in a Kubernetes cluster on AWS & Google Cloud
  • Test NestJS microservices using an E2E framework
  • Implement JWT authentication & user roles
  • Integrate payment functionality with Stripe
  • Send emails with nodemailer & Gmail
  • Create CRUD APIs & save data with MongoDB, TypeORM & MySQL
  • Use RabbitMQ to process & retry messages asynchronously
  • Learn how to connect microservices together using gRPC
  • Implement an automated CI/CD pipeline with CloudBuild
  • Provision a load balancer to expose our application externally
  • Develop a production Dockerfile & package json for each microservice


  • Experience with NestJS fundamentals including Controllers, Interceptors, Pipes & Guards
  • Experience with Nodejs & TypeScript
  • For deployment, experience with Docker, Kubernetes & kubectl


NestJS is an incredible backend framework that allows us to build scaleable Node.js backends with very little complexity. microservice architecture is a popular architecture that allows us to build & deploy several independent applications that communicate with each other via a chosen transport layer.

This course is designed to bridge the gap between NestJS & this microservice architecture. It goes beyond the NestJS documentation to show you how to build a real reservation booking system that accepts payments, sends email notifications, and persists data to a MongoDB database.

Here are just some of the few additional things you can expect to learn in this course:

  • Develop a productionized Dockerfile for NestJS microservices
  • Create a monorepo & shared library for common code
  • Learn how to create a custom package.json & Dockerfile for each microservice
  • Automate the build & deployment of Dockerfiles with a custom CI/CD process
  • Connect microservices together using a TCP transport layer

This course also includes full access to the GitHub repository so you have access to the completed project at all times & can reference this completed code. Additionally, you can post any issues or questions to the QA section & I will be happy to assist you.

By the end of this course, you will know how to build, deploy & test Nestjs Microservices so you can create any scaleable application that you can think of.

Who this course is for:

  • Experienced backend developers that want to learn NestJS Microservices by going beyond the documentation to build a scaleable, production grade backend

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