Stock Market Lab by Umar Ashraf Course 2021

StockMarketLab by Umar Ashraf Course 2021
Mindset and Personal Growth
  • 🏀 Umar Ashraf’s mindset of extreme dedication and competitiveness, inspired by Kobe Bryant, played a significant role in his journey to success.
  • 🧠 “The main important thing I have is my health and my mind…if my mental is not at a peak point, there’s no way I can make it in this game.”
  • 💡 “It’s always been like how long can you stay here and how long can you keep it… if you can stay here for 10 years and you can keep elevating for 10 years plus that to me is like. Wow that’s impressive.”
  • 💰 “Someone can have a higher net worth but if they haven’t got the confidence communication skills or just being able to hold a conversation, you might not go far.”
  • 🧠 “We’re essentially cavemen… when you put us behind a computer screen and and you were clicking buttons and money’s going up or down. We’re not wired to do that our brains aren’t for that right.”
Fulfillment and Purpose
  • 😡 “How do you sleep at night, knowing like hey my parents are still working… why not have that mentality to go to the next stage instead of pausing?”
  • 🚗 “I hit a wall of making money because I was chasing money so much.” – Chasing wealth without a clear purpose can lead to a feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction.
  • 😔 “I want to go on a different career path…I don’t feel fulfilled with this.” – Umar Ashraf’s burnout and desire for a new career path highlights the importance of finding fulfillment in one’s work.
  • 💼 Umar Ashraf’s realization of the true level of wealth comes not just from material possessions like cars and watches, but from having access to experiences and opportunities that others don’t have.
Giving Back and Making a Difference
  • 💰 Umar Ashraf’s goal is to scale his trading success to a high level in order to generate more money that he can use to give back and help people in Pakistan who have limited opportunities.
  • 💰 Shifting the mindset from spending on personal luxuries to using the money for charitable purposes can bring more fulfillment and happiness.
  • 🌍 “I want to help these people… It mentally benefits me a lot.”

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