Essentials of Freelancing Course

Essentials of Freelancing Course

An online course for coders, creatives & coaches who are ready to start their business as a work-from-home freelancer this year, providing a better life for your family, or giving you the opportunity to go on adventures whenever you want.

In 2012, when his wife was pregnant with their first child, Brad Hussey quit his full time job as a front-end developer to start his own business as a freelancer. To many, it would seem like an irresponsible decision, but Brad was willing to take the risk if it meant spending more time with his family than with his boss. Since leaving his first (and only) full time job, Brad has been supporting his growing family by monetizing his passions. Having worked with some big name clients, and serving more than 500,000 students in nearly every country on the planet, Brad has no plans to stop serving.

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