YouTube Automation Course

Youtube Automation Course

YouTube Automation is the idea that you can start a YouTube channel, upload videos, and collect the ad revenue those videos get…..without ever showing your face.

There are so many of these channels on YouTube making an absolute killing with this formula. Just search around and you can find them easily!

The main challenge is getting your channel monetized in the first place. To do that you need to have 1000 subscribers, 4000 hours of watch time, and you need to comply fully with the YouTube Partner program requirements.

This course will show you how to speed through that process so you can monetize your very own YouTube Automation Channel (or channels) extremely quickly!

You’ll mainly learn a simple 3 step process you can FULLY AUTOMATE in order to pump out video ridiculously fast.

How to outsource this entire business (if you want to – you don’t have to), as well.

You’ll also learn…

How to create eye catching, clickable thumbnails

How to outsource this entire business so it runs profitably without you (if you want to – you don’t have to)

A number of other ways to monetize your YouTube videos (even before you hit 1000 subscribers)

A number of softwares that will streamline YouTube for you overall (so you’ll always be able to sell this as a service if you want to go that route too)

Enroll today. See you in there…

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