Hacking Assets – Reversing-Hero Course

Hacking Assets – Reversing-Hero Course

Most people in the cybersecurity world picture reverse engineering in its black hat — when it is being used to steal data and intellectual property. But when it is in the hands of cybersecurity experts, reverse engineering dons the white hat of the hero.

Broadly speaking, reverse engineering is about looking at a program from the outside in — often by a third party that had no hand in writing the original code. It allows those who practice it to understand how a given program or system works when no source code is available. With reverse engineering, your team can accomplish several tasks related to cybersecurity: finding system vulnerabilities, researching malware and viruses, and analyzing the complexity of restoring core software algorithms that can further protect against theft.

Security experts can apply reverse engineering themselves to understand how hard it is to hack certain software. If it turns out to be a breeze, experts can provide recommendations on ways to complicate matters for a potential hacker. This technique can be especially useful for security software developers who work in a wide range of data formats and protocols, conduct lots of research for client issues, and ensure code’s compatibility with third-party software.

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